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Ohio Public Schools

John Said:

Ohio Public Schools?

We Answered:…

Billy Said:

Why are negative comments about Obama BANNED in Ohio public schools?

We Answered:

Because "political correctness" can only be used by liberals.

Sounds like the California high school that banned t-shirts that support the Iraq War (but peace t-shirts are O.K).

Students are sent home because of their pro-national security t-shirts.

Roger Said:

Please Answer....are Ohio Public Schools...?

We Answered:

No, Technechally Uu Could Say That Uu Were Being Harrased. If He Was Touching Uu, Then Uu Should Tell Uur Parents To Take Action. The Fact The The Principal Knew He Was Annoying You And Irritating Uu, Doesn't Give Him The Right To Try And Put His Hand On Uu.

Rafael Said:

Do public schools in Ohio have the right to require parents to buy their children's textbooks?

We Answered:

It sounds like an issue with your local school district. I would contact them to find out the reason behind it.

Leonard Said:

how do i find a public list of teachers and staff employed with stark county, ohio public schools ??

We Answered:

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