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Online College Classes For High School Students

Beth Said:

My high school does not offer the language I want, can I take an online college course for the requirement?

We Answered:

You may want to look at Rosetta Stone. They offer a ton of languages via software (cheaper than a college course).

Not free, but very well priced.

Clifford Said:

GED and college degree or high school diploma?

We Answered:

The major issue is whether a college, online or other, will accept you with a GED. I suspect some will but you should check. Any way you can get started with college courses that will be accepted by a school you eventually would like to be graduated from is the best route to take. Wasting your time "...doing busy work..." is not productive and your task is to convince college admissions officers that you have spent your time productively and were forced by circumstances ( like an illness ). Good luck !

Marlene Said:

Are there classes a high school student could take online?

We Answered:

You need to talk to a school counselor about this, since the answer varies from school district to school district.

In our district, we have a complete high school on line (called e-School), but your district may not. The counselor would know.

Earl Said:

High School Kids and Parents and Future Parents How do You Feel About Home School?

We Answered:

To the person saying that home school kids are anti-social, there are many exceptions to the rule. I had the opportunity to meet many of the kids in my district who made it into the Ivies as well (newspaper article interview and pictures) and most were home schooled or private school kids. The home school kids usually meet other kids as well in church type settings and believe it or not, they have football programs and basketball programs for home school kids. Socialization would not be an issue.

The only issue with home schooling is this, most parents have jobs and they cannot afford to spend time teaching their kids the school curriculum. The kids who are homeschooled, I have met them and they are extremely bright, one kid I talked to made a 2400 on the SAT the first time he took it in the 9th grade.

I live in an area which is underfunded, the public schools here are so bad that basically I had to attend a magnet school for my high school years (no football or anything at my school). Here are the problems I noticed with public schools and schools in general:

1. Students who shouldn't even be in school are in school, basically 85 percent of the class is filled with morons who yell like crazy and distract others who want to learn. Most kids are too busy trying to get attention or talk about what happened last night out loud in the class room to even care about their education.

2. Social issues, compared to Europe, in the US we have more gangs, more drug crimes, higher crime rates and more teenagers who engage in adult like activities. Compared to lets say Japan or Germany, kids here are too busy worrying about what party they will go to on the weekends than what they will do to pass the upcoming exam.

3. Look, I love football with a passion and I love sports. Wanna know the problem here? When schools are spending millions renovating football stadiums rather than paying for labs and other facilities which can help kids pursue career interests in lets say science, it becomes a debate issue. Now when schools are spending too much on football and basketball rather than on books, it becomes a plain out issue. Some kids just go to school to play sports and teachers give them the grades just so the football coach doesn't get pissed, result? Dummies go off to colleges which a lot of them do not even belong at. It is really sad to see a C student get into a good college because he can play football real well as compared to an A student who gets rejected from the same college. We don't want to breed doctors, lawyers, engineers or businessmen, we want to try and breed football players and basketball players. That is an issue because in Europe and Japan, schools don't have sports, if you want to play sports, find a club. Schools are for education, not saying that I would like that to be the case in the US but we do need to find a way to alleviate this issue.

4. Lack of discipline. Look, if a kid is misbehaving and I give him 1 hour of detention every time he does so, it won't work. Kid doesn't care if his high school record looks like crap, he/she is just there to get a few laughs. Basically, we get the kid who distracts everyone else, and his little clique in the classroom keeps up his "admirable" work. Make an example out of the kid, throw the kid out of school after his 2nd or 3rd violation, be strict with it and implement the no "BS" policy. I love a good laugh, but you know they have comedy movies for a reason. I am at school to do my work, get ahead in life and grow into a successful citizen, I am not there to hear some clown.

5. School days are too long. When I was in Europe, we got out at around 1 PM from school, in some Asian countries it was 12 AM. A statistic was released that said that American students spend the most amount of hours in school but the least amount of days, not to mention the after school activities. Result? You just want to go home and hit the bed. If you work me for 10 months and make me wake up at 7 AM and be at school till 4 PM, best believe the second summer vacation comes around I am going to crash. The second I get home, I am not going to "enlighten" myself, I am worn out and after doing homework (barely), I am going to go to rest. Do what a lot of the European countries do, shorten the school days but get rid of the summers, but then again our law makers are not going to listen to that advice.

A lot of holes can be addressed, believe it or not, I think shorter school days but a longer school year would do the trick.

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