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Online College Courses High School Students

Marcus Said:

Taking college courses in high school?

We Answered:


Unfortunately, no. You will not be eligible for the Federal Student Aid program until you have graduated from high school and until you have been admitted as a "regular" student into a program that offers a degree or certificate at an "eligible" institution of higher education.

As for whether you can take the classes, yes, Santa Monica allows high school students to enroll "concurrently", but places high school students at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of priority. High school students can not enroll until 3-4 weeks before each semester begins, long after the "matriculated" students have had the opportunity to register for courses.

So - you can take the courses, but you'll have to pay for them out of pocket.

I hope that helps - good luck to you!

Lucille Said:

Online college students! How many courses are you enrolled in at once?

We Answered:

I'm registered for four classes for Spring 08. I'm taking a semester off this Fall because I'm taking a sabbatical (which is so far, so good) You decide how many online class you want to take, it's not mandatory. However, it depends on your schdeule and the classes you're taking though. If you have a full time job, kids, and lots of stuff happening, loading your school schedule with four classes isn't really wise. No matter how convenient taking online classes, you still have to do homeworks, write papers, etc, the only problem is you don't have to commute to school and sit in a regular traditional classroom. I don't recommend taking math classes online though, you'd be better off taking it in a classroom, the teacher's on hand and accessible. You should be able to pull 2 or 3, again depends on your life/work schedule. G'luck.

Mabel Said:

Could I enroll into an online college course as a high school senior?

We Answered:

I am an employee of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division. Our academic requirements dictate that you must be a high school graduate or hold a GED to enroll. Since you're a high school senior, it won't be long until you are eligible, provided you graduate.

In the meantime, I also encourage you to check out our sample course media (link below) to get a better idea of what online learning is like. Best of luck to you!

Ellen Said:

is it true high school students can take courses at their community college online?

We Answered:

To the first question: yes with your counselor's permission, unless you're over 18, in which case you don't need anyone's permission.

As for the second question, no not really. Most online classes are not for languages or speech,. because these are often heavily centered on teacher-student interaction. They might have hybrid courses where part of the class is just online, but rarely do they have such courses 100% online. Now, as for English, Philosophy, Social Science and History, these courses tend to be taught online.

Alice Said:

What do colleges think about high school students taking online college classes?

We Answered:

It is seen as fine (although not particularly desirable) by most, unless your other grades were not great. If you were an outstanding student who chose to enrich your own program, great. If you took college classes but neglected your other studies to do so, not so good.

Monica Said:

Need astronomy/astrophysics college course for High school student?

We Answered:

Hi there,

MU High School Center for Distance and Independent Study offers high school level Astronomy. It offers a full year—Astronomy, First Half Unit and Astronomy, Second Half Unit. It also offers the courses in both a print or online format.

The web site link is below and there are links to both the first half and second half course. Please note the links lead to a course description for each course, a preview link, and a cost breakdown.

Students may enroll in these courses at any time and have nine months from the date of enrollment to complete them. If you have any further questions please contact me.

Good luck!

The first two are to the print course and the second two are to the online.

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