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Online Courses For High School Students

Zachary Said:

What are some Web sites where a high school student can take online courses?

We Answered:

Here you are:
if you are taking extra courses (not as your primary school) you'll need to choose a private online high school.

Becky Said:

Online Courses for a High School Student?

We Answered:

the above answerer has a good point, but he misses that you can of course sign up for online courses at a college. that would get you somewhere, and yes, if your school helps students do this sort of thing, then they pay for it--a great way to get a head start.

also, check into whether or not your state has a virtual charter school or academy, or whether there is online reciprocity with other schools around your state. states are growing in this vein every day--more and more states allowing students to take classes offered online from another school under the same jurisdisction.

you can check here: and search your state to see, perhaps. they have lots of articles on the initiatives in different states in this direction.)

you could maybe work with an administrator/teacher to monitor your taking a free course offered by MIT or Carnegie Mellon--they're offering lots of classes these days. it's unconventional, but i don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility for a teacher/administrator who's got their head on straight about what education's supposed to be about.

so, in general, it depends on where you're located. obviously you're not homeschooling, so you have less flexibility. but i think that finding out where your state's at in the e-learning boom is the first step. and finding out whether you can take college classes while still in high school. (this is also highly regional, and i've heard that some schools don't always share this possibility with students because it both costs them money and gets you out of their clutches for periods of time.)

sorry i couldn't be more specific.

well, if you can afford to take a course at a "prestigious" university (because of course i doubt your high school will pay for that), then i think you should just take your pick and find them online. i'm sure all universities now offer online courses, but which ones is something you're going to have to find out by investigating them individually. (on their websites.)

unfortunately, i'm unaware of an evaluative site that really tells about the quality of individual online courses. i know someone who's planning on doing it, but no dice as of yet. someday, but that's not soon enough for you. hopefully someone else here can help you out.

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