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Online School For High School Students

Jenny Said:

What are some advantages to online schooling for high school students?

We Answered:

My son was homeschooled using computer software courses during high school and he loved it!! Not exactly online but close! Advantages? There were many! He could set his own schedule as to when and how much school work he accomplished in a day. He ended up covering much more material in less time and became very good at scheduling, working with details, organization,etc. He was able to avoid all the peer pressure at school but still hang out with his good friends on the weekends. That was a big plus as far as I was concerned. And his friends thought it was cool that he was doing school work on a computer! And the nice thing about homeschooling online is that everything can be graded and recorded for the student and then printed out into a nice transcript for college. If you choose a software program (Alpha Omega Switched on School House) as we did, everything is on CDs and is graded and recorded as assignments are completed. What I did then was create a transcript in Microsoft Word using the same format high schools use.

My son is now 19 and a college senior. He completed high school 2 years ahead of his classmates and went right on into college at age 16. It was a little scary for him to start college at 16 with most if not all of the freshman two years older, but he chose to do it and he adjusted very quickly. Another advantage is the serious student becomes more mature no one at college could tell he was younger. He highly recommends online or computerized homeschooling for the serious high school student. The only stress or pressure he felt was what he put on himself, and to me, that is the biggest advantage. My son will be graduating next May with a bachelors in political science and then will go on to law school. He has been on the dean's list and is striving to maintain his GPA so he can graduate with honors. All in all, we had wonderful experience and hope you will too!

Greg Said:

Best online high school for Ohio students?

We Answered:

Chris B, Try asking a staff member for advice.

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Online School For High School Students

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