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Online Schools For High School Students

Brandy Said:

online schools for medical assistant FOR high school students?

We Answered:

You can easily compare info about these schools in this site -

Keith Said:

i herd somthing about goin to school online for high school this true?! do they hav it in NY???

We Answered:

yes. there is an online school called H2O (Horors High Online) my friend attends it and absolutley loves it.
here's more information…
i don't know if it's in NY but you can find it somewhere on that website

you pretty much do all the work online but there are a few assignments and reading assignments to do offline and there are ETA's that you scan and submit to your teacher (or you type it up in a Word doc.)

good luck getting in! i think you'll really enjoy it!

I've attended some of my friends online classes and they are fun! the teachers make the learing seem so much less boring! i would much rather g to her school than a normal public school!

they send you a laptop and all the books that you need (you do need to send the lap top back to them but some of the books you can keep(they'll send you a list))

there are science experiments to do and whatever else! it is SSOO much better than any other school

(I actually participate @ my friend's school more than the public one)


Pattica is wrong. it is NOT a last resort. a lot of people attend wo are well behaved. also people attend who have disorders and can't keep up in their school or who are too smart for their school. many are just normal people who attended an online school just because.

in short...ignore her get a star!!

Minnie Said:

What online school can a high school student earn college credits in?

We Answered:

you should ask your high school counselour or some teacher at your high school or u can go to a college and just ask the just say thaht u are in highschool and u want to earn college credits

Discuss It! said:

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Pulau Pramuka said:

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Paket Pulau Harapan said:

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