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Oxford Summer Program For High School Students

Alberto Said:

Ole Miss, Oxford, Mississippi?

We Answered:

I am a Greek living in NY and I can tell you the best thing to do is be yourself.

You will do fine, we Greeks are polite and courteous and people like us. The women in the south are very pretty (and busty) and we Greeks do have the reputation of being great lovers so make us proud...LOL

Ashley Said:

Summer college programs for high school students?

We Answered:

Look on the websites for colleges that interest you. They will list their programs.

Also, colleges and other agencies which offer summer programs for high school students send information to high schools. Ask your counselor or dean. Counselors usually get lots of mailings asking for names of students who may want to go to summer programs.

There are lots of programs and they are very varied. SAT Prep, science, the arts, actual courses, internships, public service. etc.

Some are very expensive and may not be worth it.

Consider carefully which are best for you.

Act now. It is already too late for some programs.

Jeffrey Said:

International acceptance to Oxford University?

We Answered:

Well the paragraph started out "successful candidates would typically have..." meaning that not all students have those qualifications. Naturally, the stronger your scores are, the better. Those don't sound like requirements (at least not the way it's listed above), but guidelines. That's their way of saying you better be good to apply to this school!

You have a strong academic background and your "real-life" experiences should definitely be to your advantage. Even a school as academically renowned as Oxford wants students who aren't exclusively academic. You seem like a well-qualified candidate for Oxford.

I would say if you have the opportunity/time to, try to improve your scores on the ACT or just submit your SAT scores. It doesn't say both are required. Hopefully I'm understanding your post correctly in regards to your SAT scores (they revamped the test since I took it!).

I don't think anyone can answer to the likelihood of your acceptance, but I would say don't sweat one point. You have other credentials that highlight your commitment to learning and even to Oxford specifically!

Take care and good luck! :)

Dennis Said:

summe rin Oxford???????????????????????/?

We Answered:

Oxford University Study Abroad Program

This summer, study abroad! Sessions at England’s Oxford University offered by ASA are truly broadening and invigorating experiences, during which you will be meeting and making friends from the world over. Residing at Lady Margaret Hall College, this is a truly unique opportunity to live like an Oxford undergraduate.

As a student in ASA’s Oxford Study Abroad Program, you will find Britain's oldest and most prestigious university provides a unique academic and cultural setting in which to preview college life. You will enjoy challenging academic courses, a wide variety of extracurricular activities and a full schedule of exciting excursions to gain a wonderful taste of England's history, culture and traditions.

Courses are taught by an accomplished and dynamic faculty that includes Oxford university professors, Rhodes scholars, artists, journalists and scientists. Our faculty members--the best and the brightest--have devoted a lifetime to pursuing their passions, and will make subjects come to life for you.

One of the most wonderful aspects of our Study Abroad program at Oxford is the learning that extends beyond the classroom. To a great extent, course curricula are enhanced by the extraordinary resources of Oxford, London and surroundings.

Study Abroad in Oxford - Highlights

The city of Oxford is a wonderful mix of old and new. Today's city, while still maintaining a strong university focus, is also a haven for business and enterprise. With modern shops, cinemas, cafes and restaurants, Oxford is an active, exciting place to be.

Oxford is ideally situated to allow easy access to the wealth of attractions in England. Every weekend and on several weekdays, we'll travel to fantastic, historic sites. A schedule of afternoon and evening activities and outings will be organized around your interests. You will be fascinated by:

the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology - Britain's oldest public museum
the Pitt-Rivers Museum - with its own world-renowned anthropological heritage
Modern Art Oxford - Oxford's MOMA, for more current artifacts
If you believe the play’s the thing, catch one at the Globe Theatre, an exquisite replica of William Shakespeare's famous London theatre. Also be sure to visit Stratford Upon Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace, where you can attend a performance by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

If government is of interest to you, imagine visiting the Houses of Parliament, where you will learn about the workings of British government from a Member of Parliament. You may also visit the Royal Courts of Justice, the Old Bailey (criminal courts), Buckingham Palace, and so much more!

In sum, as a student in ASA’s Oxford Study Abroad Experience, the possibilities are endless and the opportunity to learn is extraordinary!

Study Abroad Program - Oxford

Dates: Session 1: 6/25* - 7/21/2007
Session 2: 7/24* - 8/12/2007
Grades: Completing grades 9-12
Housing: Residential
Tuition: Session 1: $6,695 - plus airfare [Paris extension option: 7/21-7/26: $1,695]
Session 2: $5,695 - plus airfare

*Date group flight departs from US

See map & slide show

Study Abroad Program Comparison

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Renee Said:

I'm homesick and I need help ;(?

We Answered:

Im sorry to hear you are homesick this reminds me when I went to a boarding school in the 70s and on my first day there I was missing home so terribly and wanted to go home immediately but I knew I couldnt and I was in the same country in the UK and was only 40 miles away from London where I lived. I wasnt allowed to go home until the end of term the head teacher wouldnt let me. If I ran away I would get into trouble it upset me when I used to see other girls go home for the weekend or even leave and I wished I was in their shoes. but as time went on I got used to being there and was finally allowed to go home for weekends once every half term.
We used to have Christmas, Easter and summer breaks as well with the summer breaks the longest at 7 weeks. And also half term for 10 to 11 days.
Do you come from abroad that must be hard for you especially if you miss home maybe 1000s of miles away and also your family. Im sure they miss you too.
You are obviously not used to being alone out of your home country and you need some reassurance. Have you met anyone in Oxford who can befriend you and find out if they are also going thorough the same. did you go alone abroad without anyone you know or a friend? If thats the case then I suggest you try and make some friends while you are out there. Was it also your choice you wanted to go out and study in another country and didnt realise at first you would be homesick. I suppose even with a friend its not easy to stop feeling like that and Im sure she/he would feel the same. Also how long will you be staying a month or more?
Once you start studying Im sure youre mind will be on that and it might not be easy at first but as the days go by Im sure you'll get used to the place and you'll settle in and it will encourage you more. You can always phone home to your family and if there are any chat rooms you can speak to them live Im sure there are plenty of that because Oxford is a very big university city. My spouse and me visited it for a few hours and its nicer and you usually you dont get lost as if you was in London as London is such a huge place to be in. I wish I could do to help you more and if you like you can always contact me incase you need any reassurance my address is on my profile. Try and enjoy your time there too especially during the breaks you may have. Good luck and dont worry.

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