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Part Time Job For High School Student

Lillian Said:

Part time job for high school student (TAXES)?

We Answered:

If you get a job at a larger company, like McDonalds, you will get paychecks with taxes deducted from each. But when you file your tax return next year, you will get most of it back and more... There are all kinds of tax credits which will means a few extra cheques coming your way.
You could, of course, work at a smaller place where they will just pay you cash. But I also recommend that you declare all the income you made that way, because you still would not have made enough income to actually have to pay tax on it, but it would add to your credits, plus you would build up RRSP contribution limits (ask someone to explain what that is) which you could use to your benefit later on by reducing future taxes, while creating investable funds for your far away retirement. :)

Todd Said:

Where is the best place to find a part-time job for a high school student?

We Answered:

Want-ads, Craigslist, go and ask businesses!

Ricardo Said:

High school part time theatre tech job? what do i do?

We Answered:

haha umm no.
well in california anyways.
i work as a TIT(tech in training) at my school and you dont get paid.
we need to get in 2,000 hours before we get paid. the minimum wage of $8/per hour. where do you live??

as for what you do...
im not really sure what they will have you do but at my theatre, my boss has me do all kinds of things from lights, sound, the wings, lobby.
theres alot of stuff that can be done!

Heather Said:

Part-time job for a high school student?

We Answered:

In today's economy anything you can get will be good

Marion Said:

Do anyone know a place hiring part time job for high school student that is 18 year of age?

We Answered:

At 18 you should have a lot of jobs available to you. Besides fast food places, you should apply at retail stores, grocery stores, UPS. All these places have part-time employment. Good luck!

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