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Part Time Jobs For High School Students In Toronto

Andre Said:

What are my chances at these schools?

We Answered:

McGill is very prestigious - Slight
Toronto is also good, your chances are good - Moderate/Strong

UChicago is hard, it's also a great school... moderate

USC should be moderate/strong
U Mich should be moderate/strong

The rest should be safety/strong

Theresa Said:

What are my chances at these schools?

We Answered:

You're in.

Alicia Said:

What can my parents do since the recession hit them badly?

We Answered:

I'm not sure how great your parents cooking skills are, but small Teriyaki places are pretty popular. Despite a bad economy people still need to eat. In a worst case scenario, they could always get janitorial jobs in a hospital, school, motel, for richer folks, or get a job at a fast food place, until they find something better. Also, delivery jobs usually don't require lots of language skills.

I know some German immigrants up in Canada they've lived there for a year and work as housekeepers in a resort. The daughter makes $15/hour and the mother makes $12/hour, they're pretty happy with that for now.

Hang in there!

Tonya Said:

Need to earn $2000 - What are my choices?

We Answered:

One of the best ways is to put all of that knowledge to use! It sounds like you've been pretty busy and are quite accomplished for your age. Try using your artistic skills to make a design for someone (you can maybe advertise on craigslist. It's free and it can't hurt). Otherwise, you can always get a temporary job delivering pizzas or delivering newspapers. These little jobs add up if you can work full time or more.

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