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Percentage Of Students Who Drop Out Of High School

Jeremy Said:


We Answered:

Start here:

Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Bureau of Justice Statistics:

Statistical Abstract of the United States:

National Center for Education Statistics:

Sonia Said:

What do feminists really fight for?

We Answered:

I like to think that my own personal feminism is a combination of all the things you listed. Feminism today definitely tackles issues of race, class, and sexism and maltreatment of both genders.

I am a white American recently-college-graduated woman, too, and I thank my lucky stars every day that I have such a blessed life. But I don't think that means I should just sit back- I want to take that power to fight for others who may not have it so well.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that my feminism is definitely centered on more than just women.

Rose Said:

Which one of these economic benefits from the Dream Act are Anti-immigration Activists against?

We Answered:

They consider themselves "Anti-immigration" because they hate all immigrants and anything that helps them out. You're wasting time trying to get them to agree with bills that are good for us.

Patsy Said:

Why do you think Biden chose to run as Obama's VP?

We Answered:

Simply because its the closest he will ever be to becoming President. a better question would be why would Obama pick Biden, when Biden came in dead last in the Democrat primaries earlier in the year? He got less than 1% of the vote.

Erika Said:

How much of a school system's budget reaches the classroom?

We Answered:

I won't be surprised if the real answer is 10%.

Look at how government waste money in case of welfare of dollar tax about 10 cents gets to the welfare mom.

I have a good friend who had to go on food stamps and they expect them to live on dollar a day per person after 2 days of forms and hour interview.

Mean while the church down the road makes sure the family has enough food for 2 weeks.

Tell me how great government is.

Geraldine Said:

I'm trying to drop a friend but I don't know how?

We Answered:

tell her that the world does not revolve around her and that she clings to u too much. congrats by the way! if she text u, emails or how ever u contact each other, try to get more distant, for example dont talk to her first, make sure she talks to u first, and if she trys to have a conversation with u, use limited words so that the conversation wont get into to much detail... so u get more distant that way. and just say ur busy if u dont wanna hang out with her... and u could say ur going to be with family and cant cancell, and dont invite her places u go. if u invite other friends somewhere and she finds out, beware of her getting jealous and making a big deal out of that

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