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Persuasive Essay Topics For High School Students

Byron Said:

Information On the topic "does music help students concentrate" needed?

We Answered:

Music has the power to to change ones mood, thinking and actions. Music is also a good tool to help you concentrate, remember specific events, even teach us lessons. Music will have an effect on students but making a student concentrate depends on the type of music and the type of person the student is.

Allison Said:

Can someone read my essay and help me with my introduction?

We Answered:

I really like it, but think that the band-aid analogy is a bit odd. Is the hidden wound meant to be a representation of individualism? I didn't quite catch the connection, however, if it is...then does that then mean individualism is bad, since a wound is bad???
Can't suggest an intro, but another good point to add in could be that some people are not naturally as physically-attractive as others and wearing clothing that shows their inner-beauty can help them with their self-esteem.
Good job though!!! I think it's awesome.
Good luck! :)

Priscilla Said:

Essay help! Persuasive essay?

We Answered:

here are a few angles you might consider:
If persuasive and other writing skills are to be learned well, the most effective way for this to happen is that students choose writing subjects about which they are passionate. This is difficult if not impossible if some controversial subjects are not allowed.
These subjects are current and important, and part of this society, and since we cannot shield our children from them totally, we should instead encourage intelligent and independent thought.
These are the subjects today's students will eventually have to find answers for, so what is the purpose behind keeping them out of our schools? Granted some basic boundaries need to be set (no bringing handguns to class for visual aides), and students may express views that conflict with the teacher or school district, but isn't that the point of free speech and freedom of the press- to express freely? why would we want to take that away?

Carol Said:

CREATIVE WRITERS NEEDED....creative persuasive essay (:?

We Answered:

Great teachers are rare. To support this idea, think about how many teachers you have had really made an impact on you (in a positive way). Look for some of those statistics that say that most high school teachers quit teaching within less than 5 years. Look for some other information about how the school administrative bureaucracy really kills enthusiasm in good teachers. Look for some information about the educational background of most teachers (did they get good educations themselves?).

"Rare" is the operative word. What does that really mean? If it means something like less than 5%, then I think that is true. Great teachers are rare. If it means 1 in 1000, that is not quite true. There are more great teachers than that.

Constance Said:

I need help by tomorrow! Essay Question!!!?

We Answered:

You know, there are two kinds of people who post questions in this section: those who are asking for help with homework, and those who are asking for their work to be done for them. Guess which one people are willing to help out.

Eleanor Said:

I have a persuasive essay for english due and I need more pros and cons to taking math in high school?

We Answered:

pros get you better jobs
allow you to get more in life
you will use it no matter where you go
you need it for physics and chemistry, etc.

takes up a lot of your elective class slots
a lot of people dont understand it
lazy kids have to take it and dont care about passing
requires a lot of time spent on homework
you're either right or your wrong, and its usually wrong

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