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Photography Competitions For High School Students

Cody Said:


We Answered:

If you need the motor drive for older AF or AF-D style autofocus lenses, the AI coupling for manual focus AI lenses, or wireless flash commander mode, you might be due to upgrade.

If you have no idea what I just said, stick with your D60 and spend some money on some nice lenses, or a course. Honestly, there is almost nothing that a D7000 can do that the D60 can't do just fine. The huge exception is video.

Yolanda Said:


We Answered:

"well over a year" is not a long time.

If your pictures are so well regarded by your teachers and you are winning awards then I don't know why your camera is not giving you want you want (you don't really explain that in your post).

I personally would rather spend the money on better lenses, but if you want to buy a new camera then go ahead. The D7000 sounds like a very good camera (though I'm not really sure it will make your photography all that much better - that will be up to you and your abilities).

Rene Said:

What do I do now? A college student's dilemma.?

We Answered:

I'm basing this off of what I know would be true for my university so...

This can also depend on your degree requirements to graduate, so you should talk to your faculty adviser. You may still have to take general education requirements, and your major probably has its own list of classes that you must take to complete your degree. If they're allowing you to skip ahead purely because of skill level, make sure that you know whether you still have to take the classes in between, and that you will also satisfy the minimum number of credits needed to graduate.

In the meanwhile, go ahead and take the 400 level classes. There should be multiple ones covering different subjects, and at universities, some grad level classes are also available for undergraduates to take for undergraduate credit. If there is truly nothing else in your college's graphic design department that interests you, see if you can graduate early, or you can stay in college and do a double major (such as in business, which could help you in the future as you begin to work in your field) or you could complete a minor. It would be an opportunity to gain an education in something that interests you, or in something that could be very practical as you begin your career.

Pamela Said:

Getting accepted into US colleges as an Australian student?

We Answered:

I doubt you have to worry, but in all honesty, you're more likely to get useful answers if you contact the Yale admissions office directly. Most universities have a section of their admissions office devoted entirely to international students, and they should be able to answer your questions.

Joann Said:

Photo shoot ideas for a guy and a girl!?!?! PLEASE HELP?

We Answered:

Both! Prince Charming gone wrong! XD Dress them up as Cinders and PC, and make it look like he's killed her. That's out of the box. :)

Luis Said:

How can a Romanian student get into an UK Business School ? (undergraduate)?

We Answered:

Hi, I have attached a conversion table from my university website which should help you convert the A level requirements for the courses you're interested in into the Romanian Baccalaureate and final grade. Bristol (my uni) is a good university so you can be pretty confident that other universities will follow the same or similar approaches to converting grades. These requirements will be fixed, so your voluntary work/diplomas/music etc won't affect them. However all of these things should be included in your Personal Statement when you apply through UCAS - they will make your application stronger as it will show you have a range of interests and achievements outside school. There is a lot of info online on how to structure your personal statement. By the way, you should look at the league tables for your subject to get an idea of which universities to apply to - Manchester and Bradford are very different in terms of prestige and quality. I've attached a link for the league table - for business, Manchester is number 17 whilst Bradford is down at number 62. When you decide which universities you're interested in, it would probably be a good idea to email the admissions department just to check that your qualifications are good enough. Good luck!

Eddie Said:

Are there any good online photography competitions for amature teen photography (free of charge)?

We Answered:

Here you go - this should keep you busy for a while.

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