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Sally Said:

Am I enough for MIT? / Is there anything else I need?

We Answered:


Congratulations on your stellar accomplishments. You should be proud of all of your many achievements, and I'm sure your family is proud of you as well.

Unfortunately, no one will be able to tell you if your credentials are sufficient to assure an MIT admission - when it comes to MIT and the other elite colleges and universities, there are never any guarantees.

I know that we'd like to imagine that MIT simply sits down with all of the applications, and then divides them into easily categorized groups - you know, something like "admit" "aww, too bad", "nope" and "delusional". We'd like to think that there's a clear "cream of the crop", who get offered admission, and then "everyone else".

Unfortunately, that's not what it's like at all. MIT receives thousands and thousands of applications from extremely well qualified students - the best in their high schools - from all over the world.

In 2007, MIT received 12,445 applications - from that group, they offered admission to 1553, a minimal 12.5%.

59% of MIT's freshman class that year had an SAT reading score between 700 and 800, and of course, 87% had an SAT math score in the 700s. In fact, freshman in the 25th percentile had an SAT math score of 720, and more than 25% of the class had a perfect score on the math portion of the exam.

In rating the criteria that are used to analyze MIT applications, the admissions department rated "character/personal qualities" as the single most important determinant. Rigor of secondary school record, class rank, GPA, standardized test scores, recommendations, extracurricular activities, talent and an interview were rated as "important".

Clearly, you have many fine accomplishments, and you will certainly be an excellent candidate for MIT - as I'm sure you know, they love a geographically diverse student body. Keep up the community service commitment, and continue to challenge yourself with the most difficult possible courses. Also make sure that you have developed a good rapport with teachers, administrators, community leaders and employers who can write solid letters of recommendation that clearly evidence that they are very familiar with your character, your talents and your abilities.

Don't forget that there are other outstanding technological universities in the US, including Cal Tech, Cal Berkeley, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon and the Georgia Institute of Technology. All of these are world-renowned for the quality of their programs and their facilities. There's absolutely nothing wrong with setting MIT as your most fervent goal in life, but don't obsess. Plan to apply to several of the elite universities, and recognize that you'll receive a tremendous education wherever you wind up.

Good luck to you - I hope this helped.

Ramon Said:

How good are my chances of getting into these colleges?

We Answered:

You really don't provide enough information. You will need an unweighted GPA of 3.8+ to get into most of those schools. Have you only taken one AP class? If so, that is not enough.

Your SAT scores are great -- but a little low for the Ivy League schools and Stanford. However, your SAT II scores may compensate for that.

If you take more AP classes and do have a high GPA, then you are qualified to get into all of those schools. That doesn't mean you will get in. These schools reject 5-10 qualified applicants for every one they accept. That means you need to stand out -- and you can do that by writing a killer admissions essay.

Your chances of getting into Johns Hopkins are zero unless you learn the correct name of the school.

If you are a California resident, then I think things look good for UCLA or Berkeley.

Patricia Said:

[URGENT!!] Can anyone please kindly help me choose some colleges to apply to?

We Answered:


You did not mention what is your career ambitions.

I would have a couple "safe" choices - some stretch and some shot for the stars you really should not apply to more than 7.

Try Butler University in Indianapolis - my sister got a full music scholarship there

Rosa Said:

I have so many Interest, How can I balance it? ?

We Answered:

Looks like you are gifted with Talent.

Here plenty of competitions that you can enter.

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