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Photography Summer Programs For High School Students

Clifton Said:

Would I stand a chance getting accepted at these universities?

We Answered:

Wow, good luck dude. Everything is good except for your standardized scores... which probably will get you rejected from a lot of places

Edit: You might want to reconsider actually going into some of those schools unless you have a sizable scholarship portion. I know UPenn, NYU, and CMU represent some of the most expensive schools in the US.

Larry Said:

low ranking not in top 10% could i make it in?

We Answered:

Interesting that you haven't given us either the unweighted GPA or some sense of what your academic schedule was like and what grades you received, since that is really what schools look at. Your test scores are certainly strong, so I have to wonder why your grades haven't been stronger. My guess is that these schools will look at the same thing. My guess is that you will probably get into BC and maybe Washington & Lee (although I'm not too familiar with that school). I don't really see any backup schools here, which could hurt you. You might get into one of the UCs, although this will be a tough year for that, given the budget situation in California, so your grades may hurt you.

Javier Said:

Getting into college (NYU, BU, USC.....)?

We Answered:

You are smoking some serious crack. Most of the schools you list require a 3.8 or higher to get in. Your only possible hopes are American and Penn State.

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