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Photos High School Students

Jon Said:

What do conservatives get for attacking homosexual high school students?

We Answered:

They are such cowards to attack children.

Marian Said:

best printer for a high school student? preferably prints photos as well, but is not the crucial factor?

We Answered:

Printers are almost disposable. Getting them repaired is very pricey. I buy refurbished Epson printers from Epson cheap and most of the time with free shipping. Cartridges are more expensive than the printer. Epson warranties printers for 1 year the same as new ones. My suggestion is go with an Epson refurb. Buy yourself a CISS continuous ink system and save tons of money. Here's where I bought my CISS:

Debra Said:

What is a good computer for a high school student?

We Answered:

You'll want a desktop if you're going to be doing any serious video editing. Laptops are worthless for that kind of thing. Beyond that it's really up to you. I find Apple media-editing software easier to use, but that's also up to you, since it's hard to get a decent Mac for less than $1000.

Lorraine Said:

How do I find pictures of students in Treadwell High School in 1965 of Tenness?

We Answered:

Look in the yearbook, or try

Nelson Said:

photos of high school students getting drunk--would you turn them in?

We Answered:

why would your friends do that?
what the kids are doing may be illegal, but it's not up to you or your friends to turn them in. if they get caught by an adult or something, then that's their own stupidity. but leave the kids alone. i'm sure you wouldn't like someone turning you in if you were in the same situation.

Aaron Said:

Need ideas for poses for school sports photo shoot for individual players?

We Answered:

basketball down on one knee with a ball or shooting at the basket

soccer by the field same pose as above on one knee and you can do a belly shot with the girls crop at the waist. soccer ball to the side.

football hut pose and same as before one knee

look at old year books

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