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Physics Books For High School Students

Dora Said:

Toronto Physics Tutoring - Easy Physics Tutoring Book for Toronto High School Students?

We Answered:

Get "Physics Secrets" by Tim J. Croxford

It covers all areas of high school Physics through fantastic tutorials and unique solutions to the toughest problems.

Along with students in East York and Toronto, this tutoring guide has helped boost my Physics grades.

Travis Said:

Physics Home Study Books for High School Students - I Need a Recommended List of Books?

We Answered:

Here's my own Top 3 for Physics self-study & home study:

"Physics Secrets" by Tim Croxford

"Physics Made Simple" by Christopher Gordon De Pree…

"Basic Physics: A Self-Teaching Guide" by Karl F. Kuhn…

Beatrice Said:

Question about a high school student wanting to pursue Physics in college.?

We Answered:

The skills you should focus on right now are math, science, and if you can, research.

In high school, make sure that you're taking as much math, to as high a level as you can. You're going to need to take calculus and other more advanced math in college, so take math all four years in high school, and to as high a level as possible.

Take at least four years of science in high school, preferably bio, chem, physics, and AP physics.

Otherwise, do the standard college prep route, and try to get on the honors/AP track in the subjects you do well in.

In addition to whatever other activities you do, try to participate in science related activities at your school and elsewhere. Contests, competitions, teams, etc. Anything that interests you. This is related to the research I mentioned, but it also bolsters your college admissions chances.

Possible careers in physics include teaching, software engineering, working as a physicist/scientist, working for the US government, working for NASA, being an astronaut, doing work for the military, astronomer, seismologist, engineer, forensic scientist, scientific writer, research assistant, hydrologist, quality control manager, nuclear power plant manager, and lots of other jobs.

In terms of colleges, you want to look for a school that provides good opportunities for undergraduates to get involved in research - not just grad students. You want one with a solid reputation in physics, and a good overall reputation.

Some of the colleges that I know have amazing physics programs include (this list is not exhaustive, btw): MIT, Stanford, Cal Tech, Harvard, Princeton, U Chicago, U Cal Berkeley, Cornell, U Texas Austin, Columbia U, UC Santa Barbara, U Illinois Urbana Champaign, Harvey Mudd, U Michigan Ann Arbor, Yale, U Maryland College Park, UCLA, UC San Diego, U Colorado Boulder, U Penn, U Washington, U Wisconsin Madison, Johns Hopkins, SUNY Stony Brook, Ohio State, Penn State and Rutgers New Brunswick.

Brandon Said:

What are good biology, geometry, and other high school text books for NY State High School?

We Answered:

You could start with Wikibooks.
They are free, and you could start 3 seconds after reading this post. They aren't complete, though, so you will still need to buy some books. One place to find reviews when you are ready for college level courses is
Click AP courses and exams (on the left), then teachers resources (on the right). Click the course and material type "textbook" and it will give you a list of AP textbooks, with a description and review for each. You choose a few that could work, then google around to find a cheap copy. Sorry, but I haven't found a good place for high-school-level textbook reviews.

It would help to find someone with whom to discuss what you are learning . I'll bet a teacher or parent or guidance counselor could help you find someone to talk to.

Erik Said:

What are some good books for introduction to nuclear physics?

We Answered:

Theory and Practice of College Physics by Daniel Schaum.

Also: Electronics for Automation, Lessons 1 - 20 . has pictures, drawings, and a some very good material on Applications of Nuclear physics that is easy to understand. It is designed as an introductory to several topics.

Terrence Said:

High School sophmore. Stick in Applied Physics, don't understand it and can't drop it. what should I do?

We Answered:

Okay, first off, the textbook and the assignments should be enough to clarify and teach you the information. You don't really need your teacher. In my experience, most high school teachers are completely useless and are only there for the dumb kids who can't read well enough to teach themselves and also to entertain the dumb kids with their jokes. Too many high school teachers think they are comedians. I don't think you're dumb, so become responsible for your own education. It's something you'll have to do in college anyways. That is if you chose to go.

Secondly, it's not your teachers fault you are unable to keep track of your notes and assignments. Again, you must learn responsibility. If you really are doing your assignments, then put them someplace where you won't lose them or hand them in early. If you do lose your assignment, redo it because otherwise you deserve a zero.

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