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Pictures High School Students

Troy Said:

Pictures at Montebello High School in California with American Flag upside down and Mexican flag over it. TorF?

We Answered:

What is the source of stating that it was not Montebello High School students? Just because there was a lockdown does not mean that students cut that day or left the school in spite of a lockdown./

Guy Said:

flyer to educate high school students about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).?

We Answered:

Try doing searches on the names of your diseases here:

They can be quite the reality check!

Tamara Said:

What do high school teachers do with senior pictures?

We Answered:

Just as a memory. Usually if a teacher wants your senior picture then they want to remember you.

Truth of the matter is they will soon forget you unless they have a memento of some sort. 200-400 students a year passing through their classroom does that.

Matthew Said:

Which modern day artist inspired a high school student to paint a picture called summer of a little girl.?

We Answered:

Go to the art museum.

Tara Said:

If the photographer for my headshot picture is a high school student, is that still a valid headshot?

We Answered:

Why not? If it shows you as you wish to look then it doesn't matter who took it, but compare it realistically with head shots you will be competing with as to high quality lighting, etc.

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