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Pictures Of High School Students

Rosa Said:

Can high school students take pictures of other people, including teachers, without their permission?

We Answered:

If the teacher asked them not to take the picture - they could get into trouble. The student should not have placed it on the internet either. The teacher may not want others to know where he/she teaches or any other reason.

Clyde Said:

Is my public high school allowed to punish students for the pictures of them drinking on Facebook or Myspace?

We Answered:

thats well stupid
they shouldnt..

they shouldnt be looking at yer myspace in first place

my teachers have facebook
and i left one a comment
and he said "right well im gonna have to tell blahblahblah about this.."

he never did anything

so yeah,
schools suck.
and shouldnt have power out of school ..

Dale Said:

How can I get pictures of students at Valier High School in Valier, Ill in 1951?

We Answered:

See if your mother has a copy of the school yearbook. If not, contact the school and see if they have an extra copy or will make a copy for you of the yearbook pictures by Photostatting them.

If you know of any of her classmates you could call them and see if they have the appropriate yearbook.

When I was a high school principal I bought a copy of each yearbook and kept it for myself.

Rafael Said:

do junior high students thin out as they become high school students?

We Answered:

From junior high to high school is around the age where most kids get their growth spurt. So, they will be growing an excessive amount but maybe not gaining any weight, so that is why they look thinner. Also, high school is very much the time when most kids, especially girls, are worrying about weight and fantasizing the runway model type. 1 out of 4 girls have an eating disorder, I'm not saying your friends have it, but it shows the amount of girls who diet and get thin.
This happened to me between junior high and high school. I was basically just your average weight girl in 7th grade and didn't care about food until I tried on bathing suits in January and realized my entire stomach was all just fat. So, I dieted and within 5 months I lost 10 pounds. And now I am very thin but very fond of it. What happens to me, happens to many girls around this time because they worry about weight. :)

Nelson Said:

What kinds of Music , Pictures do american high school students like ??

We Answered:

omg. we should so talk. my father lives in taipei and i'm probably going to go and visit sometime really soon. i am from the united states- colorado. i'd love to hear about things there, and i'd love to share about things here. e-mail or im me

my screen name and e-mail are idanceintherain.

i'm also 13 btw (female if you hadn't guessed)


Carl Said:

Can my high school legally suspend students who post pictures of themselves drinking on Facebook?

We Answered:

Yes, Because the pictures were posted in a group under the school name. So the school has a right to legally suspend them.

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