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Plays High School Students

Nicole Said:

I am looking for website of short plays for high school students without downloading !?

We Answered:

Ken Said:

What are some appropriate plays for high school students to perform?

We Answered:

OMG -- there are so many. Since you said play I'm going to skip any musicals... Here are some I've seen performed by High Schools

John Lennon and Me
Gaslight (or Angel Street as it's known in the US)
The Importance of Being Ernest
Noises Off
Run for Your Wife
The 1930s Musical Comedy Murder
-- just about anything by Neil Simon

I have seen High Schools do just about anything as long as it doesn't get to R-rated in language. The question you need to ask is what do you want your students to learn? Drama, Suspense, Comedy, Farce... So many possibilities.

Jesus Said:

What are plays are about high school students?

We Answered:

Up the Down Staircase
Spring Awakening (also a musical)
Children of a Lesser God (half the play is in sign language, students may also be slightly older, but I can't recall if they're college or high school)

Fred Said:

What are some good dramas(serious) plays for high school students to perform?

We Answered:

"Ordinary People" (play version of the film)
"Our Town"
"Wait Until Dark"
"All My Sons"
"Inherit the Wind"
"The Crucible" (though without a director, it could be a real mess)
"Bus Stop"
"The Little Foxes"
"A View From a Bridge"
"Stage Door"
"Pygmalion" (the non-musical play "My Fair Lady" is based on)

Velma Said:

Good Comedic Plays For High School Students?

We Answered:

Wow! Why only 13 max leads, especially guys? That's weird! Sorry! Um, this has a larger cast, but it's cool: Once Upon A Mattress! I know that it is actually a musical, but my school did it last year, and it was hilarious to be a part of!

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Spring Awakening sexual content thru out.

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