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Poetry Contest For High School Students

Dianne Said:

What should I major in with a BA in Philosophy?

We Answered:

I think that a BA in Philosophy would provide a good foundation for an MBA or MA in Management. An undergrad dual major in Business and Philosophy would certainly strengthen that foundation. Go with business if you are interested. I'm sure you are aware that there is some math involved (I'm not a math guy either), but it sounds like you will be able to work your way through it.

Personally, I don't see how you could go wrong studying business. No matter what job you eventually take, there are most certainly going to be aspects of business involved in it.

Good luck.

Kyle Said:

How do you find a sponsor? what is a sponsor?

We Answered:

a sponsor is generally some person or company giving you money for your charitable or recreational works, e.g., a construction company paying $2000 for the uniform of a children hockey team, or your aunt gives your $2 for every mile your run for a local charity. YOu find a charity by visiting the businesses in your area, explaining what you are going to do, asking for donations, and explain how you will recognise publicly their sponsorship

Jimmie Said:

What do you think about my personal statement....?

We Answered:

Looks good, but make sure you have paragraph indentation/new-lines in your statement.

Roger Said:

Trying to get inspired for contest, ... any help?

We Answered:

You would do better reading something you are not comfortable reading. People like edgy stuff, not boring stuff. Be brutally honest. Teenagers don't like phony stuff.

Ted Said:

Would anyone like to critique my 500 word short answer for UMD-college park's college application?

We Answered:

On the whole, it is quite good. It is nice to see someone who can keep the person consistent. Too many people use "they" as a pronoun when the subject is singular.

A couple of stylistic things:

The first word of each line of a poem is generally capitalized.

I might put the poem after the first paragraph -- but it is probably OK the way you do it.

Because of the format here, it looks like one long paragraph. Make sure it doesn't look like that when you send it in.

I don't know if it is appropriate to refer to your teacher as 'beautiful."

I;m not sure I like ending with the phrase "come across." I might use a word like "encounter."

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