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Poetry Contests For High School Students

Naomi Said:

What is a good poetry contest for students?

We Answered:

If you mean how to conduct one, then simply have students prepare and recite poetry with some sort of incentive for them to win, such as a trip or scholarship money. If you are referring to an existing poetry contest for them to be a part of, try this:…

Regina Said:

What are my chances of getting in?

We Answered:

I think you should be putting your time into submitting applications, not asking these questions on Yahoo! When you fill out your apps, remember everything, and don't skim! Don't forget any extracurricular you participated in. Just work hard in boasting yourself, and hope for the best!

Christian Said:

In need of Two Slam Poetry Topics?

We Answered:

You want to get reactions so something relevant to high school students.

Teachers... Black Beaks - thinking of gowns and hats and how respect should be deserved rather than demanded. Not sure if Beaks would work as a word in USA. In UK a beak was a term for a teacher, mind you, even in the UK, the kids might not know that.

Emus and Ostriches... Attention getting self harm anguished teen poet thing. I'm sure you could get some good sarcasms on that.

Moms Apple Pie... with a twist.

This was an Elegy /Dead Poets Elegy.... Analyzing poetry to death.

Heather Said:

What is the highest ranked college that I could get into?

We Answered:

With your grades and extra-cirriculars you can get into almost any college you desire. Use Collegeboard(.)com and do the college search. They can help you find it based on acceptance %, grades, public or private, and etc.
Home schooling for a semester wont hurt your chances much. Youll probably just have to attach a paper explaining the enviroment you learned in and for the admissions essay you could tell about how your dads cancer has affected you, and include why you homeschooled for a semester.
I hope our dad will be okay, Good luck!

Myrtle Said:

What are some North Carolina poetry contests for students...?

We Answered:

Check online.

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