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Poetry Websites For High School Students

Virgil Said:

Low GPA, high SAT...can I breach the top 50?

We Answered:

Even though your GPA is low(ish), you have a great resume (AP classes, extracurriculars.) I think you shouldn't have a problem with Drexel and Fordham, and Northeastern should be pretty easy. BU is a match, as are Villanova and GW. NYU is a match/reach, and U Chicago is (as you know) a reach. I would suggest adding a few more colleges on your list--maybe one major safety, one or two more matches, and one or two more reaches. Smaller liberal arts schools are a good bet for you, because they're less likely to look at your numbers and more likely to look at your overall record and extracurriculars/you as a person (not a number.)

Gerald Said:

Do I Need To Know What I Want To Be When I Grow Up?

We Answered:

To Ashley: My father is a doctor, and he doesn't do it for money and status. After like 8 years in college he finally got a masters degree and started doing what he loved, treating those in need. He treats people with cancer, and without doctors, I'm pretty sure that everyone who has had cancer would be long gone.

Okay, well, based on your description you seem very self-motivated. With your straight-As and everything. With your creativity, You could easily become an entrepreneur and open up your own "petco" or fashion boutique or something. On the more technical and mathematical side, i would suggest a job as an engineer that has to do with medical things like a biomedical engineer. You could be a geneticist, but that's more science. You could just be a math professor. Another thing you may want to consider is the financial relm. A great job would be a financial manager or an accountant. I think that another great field would be information technology, which is supposedly supposed to have a great range of opportunities in the next decade or so.

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