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Prayers High School Students

Julia Said:

Should a public high school math teacher be allowed to lead his students in prayer prior to math tests?

We Answered:

no way not at all

Janice Said:

Should there be guidelines for prayer at a High School graduation?

We Answered:

I disagree with Dreamstuff Entity. It would be unconstitutional for them not to let people pray. If there are those who don't agree, let them say their peice. Freedom of Speech isn't 'Freedom of saying something maybe if you kinda sorta think no one will mind.' There will always be people who don't agree, but if the limits are never pushed, no one else will meet Christ. Isn't that our job as Christians? To bring others to Christ? If we don't have the guts to let others know we love God and are proud of it, will they be proud to love God?

George Said:

Would the following case be held in the US Court of appeals?

We Answered:

Your question is a bit confusing. There is no such thing as a "5th U.S. District Court." If you are referring to an appeal of a case tried in a federal district court, then yes, the appeal would be handled by the corresponding federal Court of Appeals.…

Julia Said:

is joint prayer by student leading on a california public high school allowed without pre-approval?

We Answered:

Claim the first amendment.

The United States has freedom of religion, and by virtue of this fact no-one has the right to make a rule with regards what you do because of it except when and/if or it harms people.

You could hold a prayer meeting praying to the God of Lemonade and technically no-one can do anything about it.

Larry Said:

If you were a male high school student and had a good looking lady like that Florida school teacher want to?

We Answered:

old school never tell especially when its this and run best policy.

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