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Pre College Programs For High School Students

Leah Said:

Pre-college summer programs?

We Answered:

No matter what, it will look great on your college applications, especially if you are applying in the same field as you took the summer program in. (I know, you're thinking, of course I would be, but I did a summer program and a lot of the people decided they couldn't work in that field for the rest of your life, so keep in mind that going to a summer program may make you rethink you life's work.) It can't hurt you when you apply to X University that you've done a summer program there, but it doesn't guarantee that you'll get in there. If you do the summer program at X University but you don't do well, they'll take that into consideration, probably moreso at X University than at other schools. However, if you do well in the summer program and get in to X University, you may be able to get the summer program classes to count towards your degree at X University.

Jo Said:

What are things that a high school student can do before applying for a pre-med program in college?

We Answered:

take biology and chemistry classes. statistics might help you in preparation for college too. try volunteering at medical facilities or hospitals, or adult homes, even day care centers for experience. study another language, because being a bilingual helps a lot.

what you can do pretty much is to be prepared and be experienced to get in pre-med. goodluck!

Jaime Said:

I'm a high school student who is interested in getting into Pre-Med in college. What can I do to... ?

We Answered:

okay so i hear volunteer work would look good but idk where you can credits for it
also try Stars Academy School of Phlebotomy to get some experience of SOMETHING even if you don't want to just be a phlebotomist

Cassandra Said:

pre-college academic programs?

We Answered: they have a program for medicine in summer.

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