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Pre Med Programs High School Students

Amanda Said:

Volunteer Work for High School!!!?

We Answered:

You could always go to a hospital or your doctor's office.

Wesley Said:

College: Pre-med programs and Med School acceptance rates.?

We Answered:


It depends on how good you're doing in high school. The schools with the best pre-med programs and highest success rates of acceptance into med school are usually good schools. The best that come to mind are the University of Chicago, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, and of course Yale or Harvard or other Ivy league schools with hospitals or med school programs.

So they can be hard schools to get into, but not if you are doing well. Five of the six members of my family one generation above me (parents, aunts, uncles) are all chiefs of their departments now. Four of the five are surgeons, one isn't. Their colleges (for BS) were: Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, U Penn, and one went to a smaller but highly competitive liberal arts school. Their medical schools were UCLA, Hopkins, Rush, Yale, and U/Chicago.

I also have 4 cousins/siblings in med school right now. So this is all anyone has ever talked about since I was a kid!

Anyway, good luck! Aim high and don't be afraid. The reality is that even if you don't get into a great college for your bachelor's, you can still apply again after a few years to transfer to a better school. As long as your grades stay up in your first two years in college, and you take lots of science classes that are pre-reqs for medical school, you have a good chance. So many kids want to go pre-med out of high school but change their minds halfway through college. By the time you get your bachelor's, a whole lot of those kids will have been weeded out and you'll have even better chances of getting into the school of your choice.

Good luck again!

Jimmie Said:

What are some good Pre-Med programs offered by Ontario Universities?

We Answered:

ANY response is appreciated? Fair enough...

Ivan Said:

What schools have the best pre-med programs?

We Answered:

i touched on this in your other question, but lemme reiterate.

You can major in ANYTHING if you want to study medicine. But you MUST take the prerequisite coursework. I listed that already in the last question, see that for details.

What do YOU want from a college? That's the real question. Your performance in a university is strongly dependent on the kind of environment you seek. Do you want intense focus? Do you want something laid back? Do you like large cities? Smaller towns? Do you want to do research with a Nobel Laureate? Do you want something private? Religious? Factor all of these things together and you will match yourself to a good university. Reputation means squat if you're miserable for 4 years.

Jennie Said:

What colleges/universities have good pre-med programs?

We Answered:

Your main focus should be on getting into med school. Check out:…

Accelerated and combined programs may also be of interest:…


Vincent Said:

is there anyway to go to a college and take calculus there as high school senior?

We Answered:

You can take calculus while in college next year - you don't need to take it in high school, and med schools recommend you don't take your premed classes at community college anyway. Premed programs do not require that you take calculus in high school - premed classes are the classes you take in college. But yes, you could take classes at a local college - you just shouldn't be taking premed classes there.

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