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Princeton Summer Programs For High School Students

Josephine Said:

What are my chances of getting into Princeton?

We Answered:

ok well i think you have a chance but if you use,, or it gives you all the information your looking for as well as your possible ability to get into your top schools

Gail Said:

is this enough for princeton? what else should i do? someone who has gone or attends princeton plz answer?

We Answered:

You're doing well with the extracurriculars, but you might want to find one or two to focus on. You can still do a whole bunch if you want, but colleges like to see long term dedication.

As for the rest, work on the academics. Princeton is going to want at least a 2100 and you should try to get within the top 3 of your class.

You'll also want to remember that Princeton is aiming high, so you sh. Every person that applies is amazing, so you might get turned down by chance. Even so, it's great that you have such goals...

Andrea Said:

Is Barnard College (or really any other college)'s summer programs useful or fun?

We Answered:

the issue you raise is about if something is "worth" the time.

The simple answer is that YES, but is tempered by the caveat that you get out of it what you put into it. More importantly, you will be exposed to a different style of teaching and learning, see how college profs deal with various issues (my dog ate my homework etc) and generally get an idea of the rigor of college. MOST summer programs allow you to earn college credit to transfer out, so that means less you have to take in college (if the credits are accepted).

Jill Said:

Can I get into Duke, Stanford, Cal Berkley, Michigan, or Princeton?

We Answered:

Sorry to hear about your grandma, but you need to stop making excuses. When sitting on the Admissions Committee, I guarantee that nobody cares.

In your Junior year you will take the SAT or ACT. When you have your scores, there are several free services that will let you find schools that are accepting students with your qualifications.

Extra curricular activities are great if they support your proposed major. Sports and orchestra are always good, but student government is a waste of time for a doc. Same with 'diversity club. The languages are great support for your admission.

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