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Princeton University Summer Programs For High School Students

Jeffery Said:

Can I get into these Colleges?

We Answered:

You can compare your credentials to the most recent admitted classes at each of these schools using the "How Do I Stack Up?" service.

Congratulations on doing so well academically and personally. I am sure you have the gifts and drive to excel wherever you go.

Interesting article in this week's NYT about elite colleges. It turns out that for most students of similar abilities, there is absolutely no advantage to attending the elite private school over your own state's flagship university [exception for truly disadvantaged - Sonia Sotomayor, Clarence Thomas]. Would it be worth the cost for what is essentially an ego-driven decision?…

Irma Said:

Could I get into any of these colleges?

We Answered:

You should try applying to some of these colleges. You never know where you'll get in, and it's worth a try! Good luck!

Ella Said:

what are my chances to get into upenn and columbia?

We Answered:

Geeze! Well if I were to decide whether or not you get in, I would most certainly consider you! You are involved in many things, and are a good student. I think you have a really good chance of getting into Penn. My cousin got a full time scholarship there and I'm pretty sure you guys have at least about the same GPA, try to improve your GPA a little and you can get in!

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