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Private Prep Schools

Terrence Said:

Are there any scholarships for Private Schools in NYC?

We Answered:

Check the schools' websites to see if they offer financial aid. The financial aid info might be under the Admissions link. Generally, financial aid is through schools, rather than outside sources.

Your parents will fill out a financial aid application, in addition to the admission application. They will ask for financial info from your parents, and either the school looks at the info, or more commonly, the info is sent to a company that figures out if your family qualifies for financial aid at the school (schools may have different guidelines). All of your parents' info is kept confidential, and at most schools, only one or two employees know which kids are receiving aid. Some schools will put your application into a separate group if you apply for aid, but usually they will not. The schools that do usually tell you and let you know that admissions in that group is more competitive. They will admit students, and then see who applied for aid and if they qualified and let you know. Unfortunately, there will likely be less aid available then in past years, and current families will be first in line, families who have not needed aid in the past. But you should definitely apply!

You will likely need two recommendations to send in with your application, from your math and English teacher. If you write up a resume, your teachers will be able to write a better recommendation. Also, a resume will show you where you might need to fill in. Here is a post I made explaining about the resume:…

You will have to take an entrance exam, get a prep book for that exam, there are several exams that schools use (ISEE, HSPT, SSAT, etc). Be sure to attend the open houses, etc for the schools. There should be an admission's calendar on the school websites by September. Don't be late with applications. Many schools, especially in NY and LA, have very competitive admissions, with 3 - 10 applications per space, so it is wise to apply to several schools.

Private schools:

Good luck!

Gene Said:

What's the difference between prep, private, and boarding schools?

We Answered:

Prep - Short for preparatory. Same as a private school in the US. Prepares one for college.

Private school: a school that charges for tuition. Not supported by local taxes.

Boarding school: a category of Private school where most of the students live in dormitories. Students may come from all over the world.

Day school; a private school without boarding students.

These definitions are for the USA. Different terms are used in England.

Walter Said:

What would be a good name for a private prep school?

We Answered:

Just to name a few...

Huntington Academy

Middleburg School

Rossetta High

Kallendor Prep

Jordan Said:

know of any prep/private schools that are beautiful and look amazing?

We Answered:

um.. so just on looks, or are you also looking for a great education? for both i have several suggestions. the george school, in newtown, pennsylvania (day or boarding), the lab school, in chicago, illinois. albuquerque academy, in albuquerque, nm. harvard-westlake, in los angeles, ca. (the last three are day only).

Katherine Said:

Interview at a private prep school PA to Headmaster?

We Answered:

Why did the last person leave, and how long had they been in the job, and what support will there be while you are learning the job? Can you spend a week 'shadowing' the person in the job at the moment?

I do not know if you have children, but will they get reduced rates?

can you take part in extra-curricular activities (clean minds to others, please!) What I mean is that if you have any hobbies - or want to do - but if they have a 'club' that does the same, are you allowed to help?

This may sound odd, but are they intending to do any building work soon, and will it be in the holidays? This is because at my daughter's school they changed the staff loos - and the noise was HORRENDOUS! the secretary had a lot of problems hearing the phone, for example, and went home every day with a headache!!!!! This is not what you want when you are starting off! It will also show if the school is dynamic, if they are planning such stuff, however!!!

Are there any duties that have not been listed - for example, occasional 'private' letters for staff, or stuff for the Governors? - these may not be in the job description!

Ask them what they are looking for - I know you have got to 2nd interview, but you need to know as you do not want to accept a job if they are looking for a 'neatness freak' but you know you can be seen as untidy during the day! (or put in whatever you know your worst feature is, just spin it so it is not so bad - for example, despite being untidy, you always have a clear desk at the end of the day, and hate leaving work to do later!)

I know these are dotted around, and not in the right order, but I put them down as I thought of them!

For any further questions, put the school into - they are the ones that look at the school (like OFSTED, but for the private sector) and read what it says that it does well, and what needs improvement - ask what they are doing about the bits that need improvement! - this also shows you are researching the school properly!
(if you cannot find them, contact me with the name of the school and I will try to find it for you!)

Then choose a smart outfit, make sure your shoes are polished and your hair is done! Write the questions down so you remember them, and write down relevant answers if you need to!


Derrick Said:

best private elite prep schools in NYC?

We Answered:

Tamar gave good advice - of the three Science would be my choice. I was admitted to Tech but did not attend - huge mistake. If I could do it all over again I would go. (Did not apply to Science because it was too far away.)

Your question did not indicate a preference for a religious affiliation. My wife graduated Spellman, in the Bronx. Great school, a flagship high school.

As to the private prep schools - your current school is the best source of information on which school in Manhattan you can get into and match to your current experience. I don't know your school and don't know what gossip girlish is.

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