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Psychology Experiments For High School Students

Christine Said:

Where can I find documented psychology experiments?

We Answered:

I have tried Google Scholar, and from time to time it does find complete scientific articles. And yes, if you find an article (most of times in a PDF format), it includes: abstract, introduction, method, results, discussion and references. That's all you need.

Or, yes, go to a library. They have collections of psychology journals, and they all have published, peer-reviewed articles.

Tyler Said:

what should i do for my psychology experiment? i really need ideas!?

We Answered:

In high school I did an experiment with a friend on how people reacted to other people moving into their space.
We did the experiment at the mall. One of us, my friend or I, would watch from a distance and take notes while the other sat down on a bench next to someone else and slowly moved closer to them. Take note of how close people let you get to them before they start feeling/looking uncomfortable. See how close you can get before they leave or say something. Make sure you do this with someone else and make sure an adult knows. Have fun!

Alberto Said:

Psychology Experiment!?

We Answered:

Well, if I understand what you mean by variables,
I'd assume one would be how each individual person can adjust with deprived sleep (some people will have an easier time getting use to doing a 3rd shift then will others for example)
Another would be how much sleep each one has previoulsy had. For example if one had insomnia the previous night and then you deprive that person of ANTOHER nights sleep..
Another would have to do with how much exercise the people get. The more fit you are the easier you body can get used to being sleep deprived.
It would also depend on how each individual person reacts under pressure.
And then meds play a big part in it as well. The one I'm on makes me very drowsy and 'out of it' for much of the time and the longer I am on the med the worse the drowsiness..
Then you have the obvious intellect of ea person and whether or not they are allowed do discuss answers as group or not.

Leah Said:

What are some behavioral psychology experiments a high school student can do?

We Answered:

hmm... with no surveys you're really out of luck. That's what you do. For psyche class last year some of my friends went around saying "Hey! look at your nails!" to random people to see if they turned thair hand palm down with fingers straight to look, or if they turned palm up with fingers bent to look. it was pretty cool... I think they decided that most people who were shy did the palm down thing or something like that...

Theodore Said:

fun experiment for psychology students?

We Answered:

Well, i remember when i took psychology one of the experiments we did were to have some people sample drinks with their eyes closed and try to guess what they were drinking. we used chicken broth, apple juice and some pop or something. Also after their first initial sip, if they decided to drink more, our teacher would squirt them with a squirt gun, to see if they continued do to an unpleasant stimulus.
that's what i remember, hope it helps.

Ethel Said:

Ideas for psychology experiment with Guitar Hero?

We Answered:

Well let's see...Psychology....the study of mental processes and behavior.

Firstly, find someone who is good at guitar hero. we're talkin medium hard or even expert. Then have him play through two or three songs that he knows comfortable. Don't talk to him. Don't make any noise. Leave him alone. Then, pretty much have him play those songs again but do things to him. Converse with him lightly, ask him to solve simple matematical equations. Strum along with him on another guitar so he hearsthe buttons clicking (i've found out that if the person following along messes up, the person playing usually messes up)

You know, think of some interesting stuff. But nothing stupid like throwing water bottles at him while playing.

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