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Psychology Projects For High School Students

Jessie Said:

Ideas for High School Neurology/Psychology project?

We Answered:

A really neat one that would have to do with psychology and maybe even neurology is the difference between perception and reality. I know that might sound boring, but it really isn't. In google type in "gorilla basketball" there will be a video link. What you do is show this video to people and ask them to count the number of times the people in white pass the ball. While this video is going on a man dressed in a gorilla suit comes into the video. So, then ask them how many times the ball was passed, you'll hear different answers. If they ask you how many passes there were say something like "I don't know I never can figure that out because I'm distracted by the gorilla" or something like that. Most will be shocked and wonder what you are talking about. Most people will not even see it (this is called inattentional blindness). You can also have someone run into the room and do a fake crime (take something of yours) and have people discuss what they saw...bring the fake criminal back and let them see how wrong they were. You can also find lots of visual illusions to work with this.

The stroop effect is good at illustration the difference between right brain function and left brain function. You should be able to google that as well.

Those are a few of the ideas that I can think of at the moment.

Frank Said:

Social Experimental Ideas for Psychology?!?!?

We Answered:

Sorry that my answer is coming to you a little late, but here is something one of my fellow colleagues did in my social psych class in undergrad school.

You should take 2 pictures: one of a handsome man and one of a not-so-attractive man (not students from your school, of course). Paste each photo on it's own index card. First, ask random girls from your school to rate each man 1-10. Then, figure out the average score. Then, get a picture of a really fancy car, fancy house, and paste it on the back of the picture of the not-so-attractive man. Write on the card "150,000" salary. Then, find a beat-up car and small home picture, and paste it on the back of the handsome man's card. Write "20,000" salary on his card. Then, ask different women (not the one's who rated them before knowing their 'profiles') to rate them again. You should notice (at least in my class) that after the second round of rating, the average score will be different.

Dr. Tay

Gina Said:

Child Psychology?

We Answered:

You might want to try looking into a children's rebabilitation place-- in central ohio we have places like the Buckeye Ranch where kids can go and do equine rehabilitation, or even Maryhaven, where kids also can receive rehabilitation. Obviously, chances are you don't live near central Ohio, therefore you should try to look for something similar. These places often employ counselors and psychologists alike, and obviously they are children-oriented areas!

Tina Said:

Can anyone help me with my AP psychology project?

We Answered:

How about starting up a Psych club... You could call it 'Psych-e' for Psychology education... Everyone could join and you could have a different topic for each meeting... You could play psychology games (i.e. optical illusions - then see if people can work it out - then explain how it works), talk about different experiments being done and what they mean, even counselling - discuss strategies for working through problems at school or at home.
You could have them once a month so the work load isnt high - and then you could pass the responsibilty to the following class for next year...

Randall Said:

High School Students!! (Survey)?

We Answered:

1. State your gender:
b. Female

2. State your grade:
a. Freshman

3. Have you ever been in a relationship?
a. Yes

4. Are you currently in a relationship?
b. No

5. How long was your longest relationship?
b. A couple of weeks

6. How short was your shortest relationship?
a. A couple of days

7. Are you less physically attracted to people when you get to know them?
c. No, it stays the same

8. Is a text message an acceptable way to ask someone out?
a. Yes, why not?

9. How long did you wait/would you wait to tell your significant other that you love them?
a. Less than a month

10. Have you ever regretted being with a past partner?
c. No, no regrets

11. Would you cheat on someone if they didn't know?
b. No, I wouldn't like it if someone did it to me

12. Have you ever been cheated on?
c. Not that I know of

13. Would you forgive someone who cheated on you?
a. No way

14. Do you believe in the following statement: Once a cheater always a cheater?
c. I don't know

15. Would you date someone older or younger than you?
a. Older

16. Would you date someone from a different race?
c. I have no preference

17. Would you date someone just because you felt sorry for him/her?
a. Yes, I don't know how to say no

18. What is the most important factor for your partner to have?
d. Hot body

19. Do you believe in love at first sight?
c. No, love at first sight does not exist

20. Which best describes your view of love?
b. It’s rare and fortunate

21. Would you ever kiss on the first date?
b. Yes, if the person made the move

22. If your friends and partner didn’t get along and they made you choose over them who would you choose?
b. My friends, boyfriends/girlfriends come and go

23. Would you rather be unhappy in a relationship or unhappy single?
b. Unhappy single

24. Would you try to avoid being seen with your partner?
b. No

25. What kind of relationships do you prefer?
c. Both

Dawn Said:

Would this be a good survey to create?

We Answered:

Yes. I think you can make a trial attempt to see the preliminary results and then continue, if it is found good.

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