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Public High School

Cindy Said:

How can you find out a good public school in NJ? Which NJ public high school is the best?

We Answered:…

Bertha Said:

Are you permitted to bring a backpack to class in public high school in the United States?

We Answered:

In some schools you can, in others you can't. Generally, urban schools do not allow backpacks; rural and suburban schools do. I teach at a suburban high school, and students are allowed to bring backpacks into classrooms.

Erika Said:

How do i convince my parents to let me go to a public high school?

We Answered:

First of all, know that your parents have your best interest at heart. That said, I suggest you research this local public school, find out what it offers in terms of courses, sports, field trips, and other extracurricular activities. Then, if you still like the idea of going there, present it to your parents as a businessperson would present a business proposal. This will show them that you are mature enough to have a say in this decision. It is, after all, your future. You could ask for a trial run at that school and promise to transfer if you are not challenged and given the opportunities you & they desire there. If they won't budge, give the private school a try and if you find you don't love it, revisit the "proposal" again. Good luck!

Ana Said:

What should I do to survive my first day at a public high school?

We Answered:

My school has around 1000 students and none of these are really problems. Girls will be bitches though, that's normal. Just don't be too friendly and keep kinda to yourself. People will talk to you and just go from there. Highschool is highschool regardless. And guys are assholes. at least a solid 95% of them. so yea, GL and don't be too nervous about it. 'Tis all good fair maiden.

Maurice Said:

How does transferring from home school to public high school work?

We Answered:

Contact the counselor at the school you plan to attend for accurate info. Because it is high school, it's not likely that they'll put you in a grade that is higher or lower than the one you "belong" in based on your age. But what courses you receive credit for, and what you still have to take, will depend on what you know, and they may measure THAT with some placement tests. For example, if you're from another state, you may not have taken South Carolina history, and that may be required.

Chances are excellent that you will be in good shape academically. South Carolina is very friendly, so go in with an open mind and you will make friends fast. Best of luck.

Dwayne Said:

I'm scared of going to public high school, Ive been home schooled for the past 4 years?

We Answered:

Being claustrophobic shouldn't really matter for this lol... Anyways do you stay in contact with any friends from when you were in 5th grade? You should definitely get in contact with them so you aren't all alone going to school. I remember worrying that high school would be awful. But it was actually more fun than middle school for me anyways. Nobody picked on us freshman really, unless you deserve it or something...Anyways don't act afraid of people, being shy is one thing but being afraid will just make people feel insulted.

Joan Said:

How to i convince my parents to let me go to a public high school?

We Answered:

Say you'll slit your wrists or start drinking or take up smoking; because most private schools do that, but public schools are squeky clean.

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