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Public High Schools

Brent Said:

Should the military be allowed to tell its story in public HIGH schools?

We Answered:

Look I am a total supporting of our veterans and cannot fathom how vets put their lives on the line every for me and my country. However, I really see the School's point here:

The group that was coming to speak to the school was a group of vets that was formed with the purpose of advocating for completing the missions in Iraq and Afghanistan - not educating students on military service. (That would be a side benefit) Furthermore, the school had recieved dozens of calls from people upset that the school was hosting the event. Protesters were going to be coming in to picket! I personally believe - as did the administration - that when protesters become involved, you begin detract from the reason a school exists - to educate students! Security would have had to be brought in, students would not be able to get to class, it would have just created a mess.

The talk was moved to an offsite location and students were still allowed to go.

Holly Said:

Where can I get information regarding public high schools at Queens NY?

We Answered:

Queens is one of the five boroughs of NYC. All the. public schools in NYC are supervised by the NYC Department of Education.

Go to the closest high school together with your parent or guardian. Bring with you whatever papers you have from your other school. They will need proof about the subjects that you have taken or passed. You will be sent to the nearest school and will not be able to choose schools unless you qualify for a special school.

You will be placed in the grade where you belong based on the subjects that you have taken and the subjects that you still need. You may be able, if you ask about it, to receive credit for a foreign language if you came from a country that does not have English as a first language.

Go to school as soon as you can. You are missing work that may be difficult to make up. Do not be disappointed if it takes some time to place you in an appropriate school and in the correct classes.

Good luck.

Phillip Said:

Good public high schools in California for foreigners?

We Answered:

I think if you want to study in a public high school, you have to be a citizen or at least a permanent resident. Basically you need a social security number (which you can have with a student visa?).

But if you do have a SS number, Pacific Collegiate in Santa Cruz is a very good school. It's got the top grades in California. But if you're really worried about fitting in as a Asian student, San Francisco should be a great place since there are a lot of Asians there. Lowell High School is in San Francisco, my friend goes there and he says school is fun lol. It 's also a really good school.

Good LUCK!!

Roy Said:

What are reasons public high schools are better then private high schools for someone?

We Answered:

Well, it really depends on the public school (and the private school) that you are talking about.

Here in NYC, many kids leave the private school system if they can get into one of the best public high schools! Lots of private school kids take the Specialized High Schools Test (the SHSAT) to get into some of the best schools in the City (and maybe even in the U.S.!)

But I don't know which public school you are talking about, so here are some general ideas of what might be good reasons:

A large public school might offer more electives, more AP classes, more different languages, more clubs and activities, etc. (just more of everything! More choice, too!)

A public school is likely to be far more diverse, and it's a good thing for kids to get to know other kids who are not like themselves. You learn so much from meeting kids from different backgrounds! (I know there are people who are scared of this, but as a parent, I think this is the best thing about public schooling!)

Travis Said:

Why are rich high class teens not popular in public schools?

We Answered:

u must live in an area where class matters in my area its middle to upper middle class and it doesn't really matter if ur rich but south of here where i live (just north of san francisco) i can see what u mentioned happening.

they're jealous and that stereotype of rich people get to them.

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