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Reasons Why Students Drop Out Of High School

Rafael Said:

Please help me to fix my paragraph?

We Answered:

First of all we need to cut unnecessary words and fix up grammar a bit. The words in CAPS are my added changes (don't add caps to your essay). I took out some words too and added commas etc.

Every high school student is unique in their own way, and each HAS their own factors associated with dropping out of high school. Understanding why students dropout of high school can help California's government take actions TO increase school graduation rates. David G. Prentice, in his article “Education for Life: Expanding Vocational Education Opportunities for High School and Beyond”, reveals A survey that shows there are are more than one FACTORS affecting students to dropout:

Survey suggest that 47% of students find classes boring. "Boring" is the common COMPLAINT that a lot of dropouts make. IN A SERIES BY Natalie Moore and Julia McEvoy, FOLLOWED AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN STUDENT NAMED MYKELLE WHEELER "Through ninth grade. Mykelle was identified as being a drop-out risk even before he got to high school. He’s made it through the year, but Mykelle says he’s BORED by school.”(Moore) ** Please fix this next sentence, it doesn't make any sense - According to Mykelle's schools did a pretty good job making learning boring. - ** Schools these days HAVE lost their touch IN teaching students that learning can be fun. Students SUCH as Mykelle say that one of their “favorite things about high school is how easy it is to skip”(Moore) In California there AREN'T any kind of penalties for skipping school. Skipping school counts as one of the major steps towards dropping out of high school. THE survey revealed that 35% OF STUDENTS who dropped out of the high school said they did it because they were failing. Skipping school was one of the main REASONS WHY they were failing. By skipping school, students fall behind IN their subjects, and later find it difficult to catch up. THIS RESULTS IN THEM DROPPING OUT.

Carolyn Said:

Reasons for drop-outs in high school?

We Answered:

To the fellow above: Yes, beating the snot out of your child is going to make them LOVE school. Simply because it will provide for them an escape from you.

I personally knew quite a number of dropouts, and each one had a different reason.

One close friend of mine, he has an IQ of 197, not even kidding, dropped out. Not because he couldn't get along with students or he felt out of place, but because he wasn't challenged. He missed 130 days his sophomore year, passed every final for every class with a B or better. In that same year he aced a CLEP test, only to get denied his diploma because he "might miss out on essential studying techniques", in other words, the No Child Left Behind act was influencing their decision.

Another friend got tired of having to take classes that were pointless for a guy that was going to take the reigns of his father's dealership. Clearly, to sell cars for the rest of his life, he needs to know how to sing and draw pretty pictures (he couldn't do either, tried, but couldn't, and his GPA got killed because of it).

And another memorable one was when a student dropped out because he passed a class. Know why? Because he played football. He was supposed to fail. He got angry that he was pushed through for a sport while the other people that failed were left to rot. (Actually had a big article in the local paper written up about his chagrin.)

So, there are a lot of reasons people drop out. And not everyone that drops out is a detriment to society.

Curtis Said:

120,000 students drop out of high school in California every year. Is this significant?

We Answered:

Critics are alarmed by that figure for 2 major reasons. The first is that it demonstrates that the public schools are failing miserably. The second reason people are concerned is that those are 120,000 people who have not been indoctrinated by our schools.

Anne Said:

Do you think it's right for parents to ground 18-year-old high school students? (Warning this is long)?

We Answered:

I think your mom's being a little too controlling. You moved out, and moved on with your life. But she basically chased you down and is still trying to control you. You're an adult now and she has no right to tell you you cannot drive on the weekends or that you're grounded. Like you said, she could have called or texted you and asked to drive your sister.
Make sure it's clear to her that you can basically do what you want now. Don't back down and don't agree with this punishment. She might as well learn this now; she's doesn't control you anymore.
Do you have your own car? If so then that will be easy to get out. If you don't, or share it with your mom, that might be a little difficult.
You're 18, not 12. YOU decide how to keep your room. I think it's time to just have a serious talk with her and make sure she understands that she's no longer then boss.

Raymond Said:

reasons why students drop out of high school?

We Answered:

I think that there are a lot of reasons that kids will drop out of school. One of the biggest reasons is that education is not valued in their family. They don't get support with their studies when they are younger and by the time they reach high school, they have lost all interest in learning. Teachers also play a factor in this equation; if a teacher notices that a student is slower than the rest of the class, then it is their responsibility to see that the student gets extra assistance with their work. Nobody wants to go somewhere where they are made to feel inferior on a daily basis. At the other end of the spectrum, kids that are not challenged enough in class can end up getting bored and losing all interest in school. Some very bright kids drop out. Peer groups also play an important factor; if the kid's friends have negative views on getting an education, then they might transfer this view to their friends. Kids who party a lot and don't take their education seriously don't see the reasons for staying in school when they could be out working for minimum wage and making party money. They will definitely regret this decision later in life. The saddest cases are the ones where the kids drop out of school in order to help support their families. Sometimes a family pressures a child, or he/she feels it's their obligation to leave school to help with the family expenses.

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