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Research Opportunities For High School Students

Sarah Said:

reserach opportunities for high school student?

We Answered:

I live in Australia, but here I would take myself off to the local Uni's to the department that interested me and ask somebody.

Someone would no doubt give me some help.

Good luck to you too !

Eleanor Said:

High school Student need help looking for opportunities. ?

We Answered:

Well, I do not know what area you live in; however, start by talking to the science teachers at your school, they often will have guides. If they don't have anything try a guidance counselor for advice, many other students in your school have looked for this opportunity before, so there will be something there! Around me schools like MIT and BU have great opportunities for high school students in science during the summer. MIT has a one a day program during the week, but it starts in September.
One Program I know a bit about is at the National Institute of Health, it is during the summer, but here you go:

Good Luck!

Ron Said:

Research for high school student?

We Answered:

You can definitely begin getting experience in medical or science research. What you'll be able to do will depend on how much you already know. I did a summer internship just before I entered medical school and one of the other summer students was a high school student who was doing a study he'd designed himself--the opportunities are definitely there.

I'd start with your high school guidance counselor--he or she may know about local opportunities in your area.

If there is a hospital nearby, you can contact their volunteer office and ask if there are research opportunities--this would probably need to be a larger teaching hospital, not a small community hospital, but any hospital or clinic might be participating in a clinical study and you might be able to help. In order to participate in medical research, you may need to do some training in patient confidentiality (HIPAA), but they will help you with that if you need it.

For science research, if there is a university near you, call the main office for whatever area of study you think you might be interested in (chemistry, biology, etc.), tell them that you are a local high school student and are interested in internships or research opportunities.

Good luck!

Megan Said:

Research oppurtunities for high school students?

We Answered:

One opportunity is through ACS Project SEED - not sure on all the requirements, but here is the link:…

You could also contact your local ACS section (North Jersey has one and there are probably others depending on where you live):

Happy Chemistry!

Eduardo Said:

How can I make doing research projects fun for my students?

We Answered:

Let Them Leave School Forever Pfftt... Who Needs It ?

Francisco Said:

Where should a high school student look for biomedical research opportunities?

We Answered:

Talk to your science teacher. They may know someone at the local university, or at least might not be ignored when they try to contact someone. Often summer research positions are competitive among undergrads, and many profs don't want to have to train people from the beginning - even an undergrad may have trouble getting a spot if the school has grad students as well. Good luck, and look around a bit more.

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Research Opportunities For High School Students

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