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Research Topics For High School Students

Julian Said:

who can give me a good research topic for High school students??

We Answered:


Writing your research essay leads you into a path of research process. Actually, research essay is a type of academic writing, which intends to elucidate fundamental and independent exploration of yours on a particular subject.…

Popular Research Topics…

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Derrick Said:

give atleast 2 topics that would be very nice to conduct a research for high school students.?

We Answered:

the effect of a rapidly growing population on the environment,

The effect of urbanization on various natural resources.

Norma Said:

What could be a nice Research topic for high school students?

We Answered:

How about a comparison topic, i.e., Compare and contrast the public/commercial/governmental response to the BP Oil Spill and the Exxon Valdez Spill. What, if anything, was learned from the latter that is reflected now?

Carole Said:

What kind of research do high school students in the United States do while in school?

We Answered:

Just answer the question asked....What kind of major or extensive written paper or research paper you have written to-date during high school, be it in Science, History or English or from other subject matter...Point is how you sell your writing skills & potential for college-level report-writing....Your team work in a team project will highlight your team play & assimilation with peers.

All the Best....if budget is an issue, try to get in college-level and transfer last University attended where you'll be awarded the B.Sc. degree counts & not the college level.

Alfredo Said:

What is a good topic to research for high school students going in as computer science majors?

We Answered:

You could write about Apple or Google and how they are revolutionizing the computer industry.

Here are some examples:……

Donald Said:

any high school research paper topic ? about students .?

We Answered:

uniformed school vs non- uniform
pros and cons on coed school

Myrtle Said:

what is a good topic for a research where high school students are to be surveyed?

We Answered:

do you own

a) a wii
b) a xbox 360
c) a PS3
d) I don't have one/I'm a girl

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