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Resume Examples For High School Students

Vernon Said:

Does anyone want to edit my resume?

We Answered:

I don't think writing "responsible for" or "accountable for" is a good idea as it's not really a verb. Try "Interpreted, revised, completed, and translated mechanical drawings..." instead of "responsible for interpreting..." because the former is actually a verb-based list rather than just a list of words. Do the same for "accountable for." Same with "had artwork displayed at...": do "Displayed Surrealist Artwork at..." because displayed is a much stronger verb than had- "had" as in "I had breakfast this morning"? No, use displayed.

Also, all that you've done and are currently doing should still be written in past tense- I think you've done that correctly here but just keep that fact in mind.

I've never written "Refrences available upon request" on any of my resumes thus far and I hear it's an outdated thing now, that people don't write that at all now because there are now many more people looking for work than jobs available to them, so take that line off completely. If potential employers need references, they'll tell you.

With all dates in the first half, use - not , or to and for most recent graduation can also just say May 2007 and not have to include Sep 2004 on there- but that's up to you.

Also, since your professional section says "experience," use the same word in the volunteer section - take the "s" off of "experiences" to keep consistent.

Below is an awesome source (website) on this, I've found it very helpful too. Also subscribe to emails from them- no spam, just helpful articles and tips!

Ruben Said:

what do you think of my last final college argumentative essay?

We Answered:

Your essay in Yahoo ended at 'She advises me to get a job after school to keep me out of trouble'. Yahoo Answers is designed for short answers to short questions, not to fix long works. I think that you may have double (or triple) posted this question.

Yahoo cannot cope with a long answer (I have repeatedly tried to send it) so I have sent you my full spelling and grammer correction of the abovementioned text to you by email

In future, to save time and effort, I suggest that you first compile and write a whole work. After that you edit it with a spell check on the computer. Check the grammer, especially in your case for the correct past, present or future tenses of words such as: have, had; grow, grown; do, does; want, wanted. You need to focus on what is added to, or change made to, a word to give the meaning of WHEN it happens.

There are still some spelling and grammer problems.
Essays are not given as one whole block, as they are then difficult to read and comprehend. Break up the text into paragraphs.
The title 'Working Part-Time in High school help Teenage' does not make clear sense.
Perhaps, 'Working Part-Time in High School as a Help to Teenagers'. Or, 'Is Working Part-Time in High school a Help to Teenagers?'.

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