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Resume For A High School Student

Cassandra Said:

how do you write a resume for a high school student?

We Answered:


For objective, put the type of job you are looking for EX. To be a part-time sales associate.

For education put the name of the school and your grade level or year you expect to graduate and GPA if it is above a 3.0. You might also list some courses that relate to the job you are applying for.

If you have worked, put the dates of employment, places you worked, and job title. Also list some of the tasks you performed at each job, especially if they relate to the job you are applying for.

List any extracurricular activities such as organizations and clubs you are in or sports you participate in.

You might put special skills or training you have, like a CPR certification or Serve Safe cerfication.

Check and recheck your wording and spelling and have someone proofread it. Also, print your resume on resume(bond paper with a watermark) using a laser printer if you have access to one.

Good luck with your resume!!

Alma Said:

High School Student Resume?

We Answered:

If a cashier is what you want to apply as,I would say don't stress too much on a resume.Application should be ok...but resume won't hurt.I would make a simple one since you don't have too much experience or schooling.So just put what your objective is, some good skills about yourself, and under experience you can put any volunteer work that you have done.Then you go to schooling and you can put "currently attending schools name" and what you are studying which will most likely be general studies.Also you can put "Graduating in 2009."Then on the bottom put References available upon request.I hope this helped.

Christina Said:

Experience section of a resume for a high school student...?

We Answered:

Use your attendance record and GPA.
The resume is meant to impress whoever reads it, your teacher wants you to sift thru what data you have a nd present it, A hypothetical issue he/she knows you're not going to get a paying job.

Veronica Said:

i need an example of a resume for a high school student?

We Answered:

Use this format:

RESUME (centered, in bold print)

Put your name, address and phone number at the top, your email address(centered)

The headings below are all left margin:

Your school name and grade, plus Grade Point Average

Your school study track, (college bound or tech)
and list any electives that could help on the job, like a foreign language

List any job experience, including babysitting for free for your family or friends

Church activities, especially helping out with younger classes, vacation Bible school, etc.

Scouts, sports, etc.

Volunteer activities (collecting money)

Just start a new line every place that I did in the above format...

I used to have a resume business on the side when my kids were babies....if you email me, I will look it over and help you...I think it is neat that you want to work and earn your own money!

My teens are doing that this summer, too!

Bonnie Said:

what is a good resume for a high school student?

We Answered:

You want to do a skill oriented resume, not a chronological resume of jobs.
There is specific format for entry level resumes. You can use the resume wizard on Microsoft word and you will get a template such as this.

Your Address Here
Your Phone Number Here
Your Email Here
Your Name here
Objective[ Type Objective Here ]

Education[ Dates Attended ][ Company/Institution Name ] [ City, State ]
[ Degree/Major ]
?[ Details of position, award, or achievement. ]

Awards received[ Click here and enter information. ]

Interests and activities[ Click here and enter information. ]

Work experience[ Dates Attended ][ Company/Institution Name ] [ City, State ]
[ Job Title ]
?[ Details of position, award, or achievement. ]

Volunteer experience[ Click here and enter information. ]

Extracurricular activities[ Click here and enter information. ]

Focus on your computer and typing skills and any other skills you might have. If you have any thing such as attendance awards from school or anything you can include these.

Pedro Said:

Help with building a resume for a high school student with no work experience?

We Answered:

Good question...

A student resume might include school or volunteer activities.

The resume listed below was based on an actual student resume. You might find it useful. Maybe.


Joseph Said:

High school Student Resume?

We Answered:

A template is probably the best place to start. At the top you will notice a letterhead where your name and street address will go. Objective, you can simply say to be an asset to a workplace where you can demonstrate you knowledge and skills. For work experience, put down any babysitting jobs you have done as these will make good references. These older adults will likely be eager to provide assistance in helping you to get the job. Whichever spaces are those that do not apply to you in the template, simply delete those areas, as they are not applicable. Your parents or another older sibling or adult should be able to help you with this.

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