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Resume For High School Student

Manuel Said:

Do I need "references" for a High School Student Resume?

We Answered:

Its a good idea to add in personal references who can state if you are a hard worker, punctual etc. Teachers in high school often get asked to write letters of recommendation for graduating students. Other adults that have knowledge of you personally could be added, such as a Sunday school teacher, minister, or such.

Without work experience, its expected that you will have at least 3 personal references that have working phones for verification of your qualities related to a potential job placement.

Good luck.

Jo Said:

How do yo write a resume for a high school student?

We Answered:

go to and search "how to write a resume", theres over 6 million sites with how to's on that.

Bryan Said:

High school student resume question?

We Answered:

Put them on there; its to be expected for a high school resume. And yes, put the years. That's what you'd do on a real resume for a job (however you wouldn't be putting elementary school information there)

Derrick Said:

Help with a high school student resume?

We Answered:

Whatever you did in high school......include it in your resume.
Start with your name at the top with address and phone.
Use the following titles to the left margin for the next areas to cover:

Education: name of your HS and date of graduation
School Activities and Memberships
Community Service and Volunteer Activities
Honors and Awards

Your 4H club and church groups would go under memberships and volunteer activities. Any further activities you did with either group could be listed individually under volunteer activities. Your good grades go under honors and awards if you received "letters" or honor roll. References could be teachers in a class you excelled in.
Good luck!

Harold Said:

How to write a great resume for a high school student.?

We Answered:

Include extracurricular activities in which you participate, but not all of them. Here's the guideline:

1. Managing People and Events

Have you acted as a leader in any of your extracurricular activities? Been captain of the football team? Editor-in-chief at your school newspaper? Mention it on your resume!

Managerial skills, even in your school newspaper, demonstrate your ability to work with and organize a group–an impressive extracurricular activity!

2. Study Abroad and Foreign Language Programs

Proficiency in more than one language is a valuable asset anywhere you go, including the workplace. Your attempt at learning another language (however successful), looks attractive on a resume.

Studying abroad demonstrates a desire to explore new cultures and the ability to integrate quickly with other people, which is a valuable skill in the workplace.

3. Community Service

As a resume extracurricular activity, it doesn’t get much better than community service. This shows that you’re a self-starter, that you’re selfless, and that you care about the community that you’re part of. With enough resume extracurricular activities like these, you’ll be preparing for a job interview in no time.

4. Writing & Technical Experience

If you have writing experience or technical training, these are great resume extracurricular activities to include. Even if they seem unrelated, these skills are useful in nearly all workplaces.

Being able to express yourself, in English or HTML, is a skill that companies greatly value, so let your resume tell them how experienced you are!

5. Long-Term Dedication

If you’ve had a job or extracurricular activity that you’ve worked on for a long period of time, mention it on your resume even if it doesn’t relate to the job you’re applying for.

The ability to commit to a specific task for an extended period of time is an admirable and attractive aspect of resume extracurricular activities.

Resume extracurricular activities should be carefully selected. Listing dozens of unrelated, passing extracurricular activities says little about you and makes you seem unfocused.

Listing relevant and admirable resume extracurricular skills shows employers what kind of work ethic you have and what valuable skills you can bring to the table.

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2015 resume template said:

Overall, your resume should powerful show the best of your talent .since you are in high school, your resume should mainly concentrate on your education.

objective section of resume said:

There is no single right way to write a resume. Mainly it should emphasize you capabilities and any unique coaching. For example, if many of your high school optional sessions have been company relevant you could put something like Emphasis on college.

best resume cover letter said:

Find good resume format online Think about what kind of place are you applying for and what abilities, experience etc. would apply. Now you choose experience like activities, school, helping out and things of that characteristics.

good resume format said:

If you're considering an worldwide job, you may need to reformat your resume. Some Common tips when writing your Resume for the International Industry.Generally you would need to consist of more individual information such as citizenship and your time frame and position of beginning and marital status.

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