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Resume For High School Students

Sherry Said:

A high school students resume?

We Answered:

When I was in high school, my resume had the names of my elementary, junior high, and high schools with the years I attended and my GPA at each school. After that, I had a section on different competitions I won and groups I was a part of in junior high (as well as the most notable ones from late elementary school). Make sure to add the years. List any jobs you have had and the years you held them, and you should be fine.

Jeff Said:

suggestion for good resume book for high school students?

We Answered:

I would suggest you take some professional help (for FREE) from MS word which has inbuilt resume templates for making your resume.

You can also follow the step-by-step instruction to make your free resume, using the resume builder provided with MS office.

Resume styles differ according to profession, and sources of sample resumes are available in my profile, check my profile for more details, all the best :)

Nathaniel Said:

Who is teaching our high school students how to prepare a performance/resume for furthering their future?

We Answered:

Some schools have a career development class. I know my high school did. You actually had to have a job outside of school and then in school, you took a class one period a day.

Sonia Said:

What is the best format for teaching resume writing to high school students?

We Answered:

Key areas that need to be emphasized are:
academic achievements (high gpa, honor societies, awards, certificates)

organizations they belong to --they don't need to just list them, but they need to put any experience or accomplishments that comes along with it. (when I was a high schooler, I was a member of the beta club--I helped out with different activities such as writing and collecting cards from students to send to troops, buying presents for a child who was on the angel tree list, and I also volunteered at a blood drive)

Volunteer exerience--and list their duties and skills they may have developed that could be used for the job they're applying for

And any skills they may possess: public speaking, computer skills (list the actual programs-Word, Excel, etc.), foreign languages, fundraising, etc.

Example headings that could be used for their resume: Education, Honors and Awards, Leadership, Skills and Abilities, Community Service (or Volunteer Experience), Extracurricular Activities, Achievements

As far as what order to put the information in: it really doesn't matter as long as the information they see as really important is placed somewhere that really stands out

Here's the link to a handout about Resume Guidelines. It was composed primarily for college students, but I think some of the information could also be helpful to high schoolers.…

Good luck!

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