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Resume Format For High School Students

Terri Said:

Will you please proofread/edit my resume and cover letter?

We Answered:

Hello Penny, at first glance your cover letter looks great! Most candidates are asked to fully describe any training, education, experience or skills relevant to this position.
Suggestions: you mention in your cover letter that you do not have any prior work experience. You may want to highlight and focus on your attributes. Besides, as I review your resume you list volunteering in the school library. Volunteering, although its not paid work, it still gives you the work experience for this position. If you like, I can help you more. If you go to and click on the submit a paper link and upload your paper (Microsoft Word format) I can give you further feedback and help you submit a superb cv letter and resume.


Nancy Said:

Why did his horrible resume get an interview?

We Answered:

Ask him exactly how he got the interview to see if he did something you did not.

Everett Said:

Good Resume for a 14 year old?

We Answered:

Do not put your age on it. IT would help to see it in it's proper form, It obviously is cluttered with a lot of junk that does not belong on it. You have enough experience to leave off the minor stuff. Make sure you are expert at all special skills listed. Otherwise leave them off.It has to be limited to one page. Why the lists of all the names on it? Only put the names of people you actually took classses from. It is more important to be accurate than impressive.

Betty Said:

Help ? Should I Change My Resume ?

We Answered:

Change your current work experience to present tense. Assist nurses instead of assisted nurses. Email me your resume and I can help it more.

Isaac Said:

Help with first resume (& interview tips) for first job (highschool student).?

We Answered:

Top of Resume is your name and address (centered)
Then "Objective" which is what you would like to do with your life
Then "Education" list your schools and years attended
Then "Work Experience" list any work or part-time or volunteer work and dates as well
Then "Hobbies"
Then "Reference'' use teachers or close family friends


Teresa Said:

can you guys tell me if my resume' is good or not?

We Answered:

Remove the Objectives. No one uses them anymore. You're sending in a resume, they should know your objective is to get a job!

I like how you added that you are CPR Certified. But looks good!

Good Luck

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