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Resume Formats For High School Students

Mitchell Said:

Need help with a Resume for an internship?

We Answered:

If you're applying for an internship and you're still in school, they most likely won't expect you to have much experience. Therefore, don't worry about what you don't have and concentrate on all the skills and qualifications you do have.

Since you're still in school, I would include anything from there that would be appealing to the person you're giving it to. Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine a bunch of students submitting their resumes to you for an internship. What would you want to see that would rank someone higher than the rest in your eyes?

Think about what sets you apart. Do you have a higher than average GPA? Did you take on any extra projects? Were you a member of any organizations or committees? Were you a leader in any regard?

Besides school, what else sets you apart? You can include your work experience, computer/technical skills, community involvement, languages spoken, volunteer experience, etc.

The format itself isn't nearly as important as deciding what is most appealing about you to prospective employers. Whatever that is, it should be near the top because the recipient may not read the whole document and you need to get their interest right away.

Good luck!

Michael Howard
Author of "Alternative Resumes" and "Alternative Resumes for Teens"

Cecil Said:

how do I format a professional reference on a resume?

We Answered:

Since you're early in career or just starting out, you can add these on a separate sheet of paper (at least 3) listing names, titles and contact info only. Nothing more. If your resume is that short you can put these at the bottom. Later in your career they won't matter as nobody provides a bad reference! We have ways of checking on you behind your back instead. BUT, please spell it correctly. It's "apprentice" not "apperentance". Misspellings on a resume are a fast way to screen yourself out without even knowing you had a shot.

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