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Resume High School Student

Nathaniel Said:

High school student filling out resume for college..How do i go about doing this?

We Answered:

I don't know what you mean by fancy, like formatting or content? But for the most part the resume is too help you stand out from the thousands of others so you don't want a bunch of extra fluff, but in a way you do want it to be kind of 'fancy'

Tonya Said:

How can a high school student write a resume with no experience?

We Answered:

Listing volunteer work, positions you have held in clubs and team activities goes a long way. That you want to provide a resume is great for someone your age.

The article below has some tips that might help, too.

Laurie Said:

High school student resume?

We Answered:

Having no work experience can lead to a resume that is pretty bland. But, think through your life about what you have done around your house. For instance have you ever helped you Dad to paint or done yard work or lay a carpet down or put in a wooden floor. You could use all of these and any other thing you might have helped out with. Even helping out in your kitchen with a big meal gives you restaurant experience and if you belonged to any clubs in school such as carpentry or automobiles you now have added things that you know how to do and have done. So, just think about the things you know how to do and list them as qualifications on your resume. Good luck with finding the perfect job.

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