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Rewards For High School Students

Frederick Said:

High school rewards?

We Answered:

~ let them drop their lowest test score
~ no homework pass
~ open book tests (or open notes, lets the kids who actually take notes succeed and may motivate the others to start)

Edna Said:

high schools now have lotteries to reward students for attending this nation doomed?

We Answered:

It's ridiculous, I know. Sounds pretty cool though. And we are doomed. As doomed as Rome was under Romulus Augustulus.

Virginia Said:

High School Students: Would you work harder to get good grades if there was a cash incentive?

We Answered:

I'm a straight-A sophomore.

This is what I think: it would work to an extent. It depends. I actually read a story once about someone who got Cs on purpose so their parents would give them cash incentives, then when they got their A easily, they get the money. It depends on the current grade of the student, and his/her mentality about school and grades.

I think other rewards would work better than money. My school takes a photo of all the 4.0 students every semester and posts it someone on the website. It's kinda lame and no one really cares about it but the parents, but it's an idea. Try this, this might work better - everyone who gets a 3.0 or above gets some kind of reward - maybe a free something (not something lame like a pencil)- maybe they're entered for an iPod or win a gift certificate or something (My school has a afterschool tutoring program run by members of the National Honor Society, and attendees get raffle tickets for prizes every month like those). Everyone who gets about a 3.5 or something gets to do something else, and like, everyone who gets like a 4.0 or something gets to attend an exclusive end-of-the-year party. This way, nobody is being really "corrupted", and people would still want to achieve that. Of course, those are just ideas, and you can improve those or make them more desirable.

I hope I helped. :D

Gregory Said:

Anyone know of some good techniques for handling classrooms of junior high and high school students?

We Answered:

I have found the most effective way of getting kids into their seats and ready for class is really simple.

Print out what you expect to happen when they enter the room.
Do you expect them to be quiet? Sit in their seats?
Pull out homework? Then write it down. Post it where all can see. Next to it post the consequences if these rules are not met. I use the demerit system. Three demerits and you have detention. Ditch detention and you explain it to the principle.

Close your door when the last student leaves your classroom from the previous class. Tell students they need to wait outside the classroom until you open the door.

Meet and greet each one of your students at the door before they come in. This establishes a bond with the student. Ask how they are, how was their last class and listen to the answer.

Once you let the kids know what you expect and don't wavier from that you will find that they are a lot more agreeable to learning in your class.

Terri Said:

Incentives for high school students?

We Answered:

Food, LOL, Maybe some type of pizza party or let them come to ONE reward that will make everyone satisfied, but nothing illegal or too crazy, Good Luck!

Diane Said:

question about high school students' record?

We Answered:

I don't know if or how awards and/or suspensions are sent to your next school, but I would think that at least suspensions would be told, espcially if they are grave infractions.

Much of this stuff (what sports you play, etc) are on the application. You can also use your personal essays to elaborate on any of your extra curriculars (if the prompt fits).

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