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Rotc For High School Students

Rachel Said:

Is my son going to miss out on a important part of high school experience?

We Answered:

I also have a 17 year old son.....similar to yours! High achiever, always around older kids since he was a toddler. Reading and writing since 2.....Your son sounds just like him.....way beyond his years, and accepted and respected amongst the older set. Be sure his emotional level is a good match for the girls (women) he is dating. Actually, be careful with that, he is still a minor!

He is choosing not to participate with his age group, perhaps they bore him, as he is really in a man's world now. What he does not realize is that these kids can become lifetime friends, and at every reunion they will be rehashing old parties, events and landmarks in their development. I would issue him an order to participate in some of the activities. YOU are still in charge of his decisions.

He does sound extraordinary! He is getting a jump-start on life, just be sure he is balanced, happy, and able to discern the true intentions of his bosses, girlfriends, and people in his sports related industry. I would freak out if my son spent that much on a suit.....I am a bargain hunter and that would be a true waste of money. Unless your son is loaded, I suggest sending him to a financial planner for a seminar on saving, investing, and planning his wonderful future! Good Luck!! I know exactly what you are going through! LOL

Lawrence Said:

Is it immature to make fun of fat people while IN HIGH SCHOOL?

We Answered:

yes very immature

Alma Said:

Do ROTC students party a lot in college?

We Answered:

It depends on the school. If you go to a senior military college like A&M, the Citadel, VMI, etc, then you will pretty much be living the cadet life 24/7 with very few privileges.

However, if you attend a normal ROTC program at any given university, then you will be able to party if you wish. For the most part, you will be considered a student first and a cadet second as academics are important, even in ROTC.

However, don't let it interfere with your ROTC duties and don't blow all your money on partying. Also, I will tell you now that if you have ANY incident with alcohol like a DWI, public intoxication, etc, then that will be the end of your cadet and Army career with no questions asked.

There is nothing wrong with partying as long as you keep it reasonable.

Mary Said:

HIGH school student looking to join army ROTC. helpp !?

We Answered:

If you do ROTC then that means you are going the Officer route. All health care professionals in the Army are Officers (doctors, nurses, dentists, etc). On deployment to Iraq, Afganistan or wherever, we primarily do our job in a hospital or clinic. It is rare to nil for a health care Officer to go outside the wire and directly engage an enemy combatant. While we are trained on weapons and other Soldier skills, the only instance I can think of where we would fire a round is when our hospital came under attack and we then assumed a defensive posture.

Education - the ROTC scholarship is there to provide financial assistance for your education.

Training - Understand that we are all Soldiers. We have to learn basic "warrior" skills like all Soldiers are expected, including firing a weapon, reading a map n compass to find your way around, meeting physical fitness standards, using the gas mask and related gear in the gas chamber, and so much more.

Deployment - We get deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as many other places. Good luck to you!

Seth Said:

How many ROTC students recieve active duty commissions every year?

We Answered:

In the Army, if you complete at least 3 years or ROTC, 2 semesters at each of the levels (100, 200, and 300 respectively), and complete BCT, AIT, and OCS, you will get commissioned. Guaranteed.

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