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Rules For High School Students

Greg Said:

POLL: Name a couple of ways students in high school can get expelled?

We Answered:

Well there's at least 5-10 i know.

-Smoking on school grounds
-Sexual intercourse on the grounds
-Physical fighting against teachers
-Bringing weapons into school
-Putting a bomb threat
-Vandalising major school items or anything important like the principal's office, or the school itself

Lorraine Said:

Can high school students see/talk to their teachers outside of school?

We Answered:

I'm pretty sure you're ok. I have my teachers number as well, it's nothing too odd.
I know that my teacher did get in trouble for adding students on Facebook though.
You are an adult and it's not sexual, you are fine.

Curtis Said:

What is The Hourly Limmit Per day for high school students to spend in school?

We Answered:

My high school beats yours - we started at 8:10 and ended at 6pm.
My elementary school started at 8:15 and ended at 4:30.

You'll get used to it.
There is no limit to how many hours you can be in school. There is a minimum, but no max. Studies have shown that they more time you spend in school, the more you learn.
@ Just Chill - Yeah, it's called "private school."

Byron Said:

Rules for boarding school students, please tell me thank you.?

We Answered:

-they provide bedsheets & quilts.
-you pay for your own laundry. (they are coin operated)
-yes, there is a dryer.
-yes, there is wi fi. at my school, you are allowed to have your own personal laptops.
-for my school... lights out are at 10 monday-thursday, 10:30 friday & saturday.
-at my school... uniforms are not needed. just have to follow the dress code. (on game days, the boys wear jackets and ties)

Claudia Said:

Is it against the rules for high school students to make out on campus?

We Answered:

In my high school we get yelled at if we are caught hugging or getting too close to other people. The rule book has all this stuff about "inappropriate embracing" or something. But a lot of kids makeout at lunch or in between classes and get away with it when there are no adults around. Smoking is a big no-no. You are not allowed to smoke on campus even if you are 18, we have a zero tolerance policy. Some kids try to smoke in the bathroom but they don't get away with it because it makes the whole hall smell and someone usually comes in and catches them.

Joy Said:

What a ridiculous rule for a high school male students to obey!?

We Answered:

Wow, what hairs? (just kidding)
That is too crazy, what does hair have to do with your learning? Well the hair dye thing can get crazy, because there is always that one person who wants to dye their hair rainbow colors, smh. Well im in collge, and there arent really many rules, maybe things about clothing but they really dont care -- theyre jus happy they have your money.

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