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Scholarship Programs For High School Students

Jason Said:

Do you guys know any scholarship programs for high school students? If so please tell me!!?

We Answered:

Ask your school counselor. they should have a list of them

Gloria Said:

What are good scholarships programs for a high school student?

We Answered:

Lafango is currently hosting a scholarship essay contest

Hope this helps!

Kristin Said:

Does anybody know about any archaeology summer programs for high school students that give out scholarships?

We Answered:

I have a list of some possibilities for scholarships, but these are very competitive. Some of these will require a fee, and $4000 is about the price of some of these programs. Some of these are volunteer programs, such as the National Forest Service's "Passport in Time" program.

Passport in Time:…

For fee:…

For Fee: American Civil War (Johnson Island Prison)…

In Canada:…

General Websites where you can browse and find field schools for scholarships or for a fee:………

There are many opportunities out there, but most come at a price. I suppose it depends on where you want to go to practice archaeology, what kind of archaeology are you interested in, and how much money you have. Additionally, are you willing to save money by camping, and truly "roughing it"? There are historic archaeology sites and prehistoric archaeology sites, there are archaeology sites abroad, and the sky is the limit if you have a lot of money, more limited if you need to keep it cheap, but perhaps more open if you are volunteering. Scholarships are going to be competitive, especially in this day and age of economic woe.

I am an archaeologist, and one of my alma mater's is Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and the field school that they run in the Shawnee National Forest is one that participates in the Passport in Time program. It is run by professional archaeologists and graduate students, and the core team is undergraduate university students. The passport in time volunteers also learn and lend a valuable hand, and it is a great experience. Some of my colleagues had participated in this, and then decided they wished to pursue a degree in anthropology or archaeology, so the experience is a positive one all in all. It is also a great way to "test the waters" to see if archaeology is for you.

Whatever you decide, peruse these websites and gather some more information, and consider your options. I recommend archaeology if you love it, so follow your heart, follow your bliss!


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