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Scholarships For High School Students Graduating In 2010

Cecil Said:

Should we pay kids to graduate early?

We Answered:

i've read a bunch of articles lately about the successes that come from letting high school students take college courses. i'm all for that, but that's different from letting them graduate early. i'd rather see us educating kids at the level they're ready for straight through to adulthood (whether through advanced course offerings or allowing them to take some college courses) instead of pushing them to have fewer years of school. i fear that what the latter does is keep people at a minimum (hey, i finished everything they're requiring of me so there's no need to learn anything more). if "there's a fair amount of wasted time" how about restructuring our schools so that there isn't, rather than deciding high school's not necessary in the first place?

Lillie Said:

financial aid to students with tourettes or bipolar disorder? or parents with mental illnesses? (u.s.)?

We Answered:

I know pfizer has some scholarships for bipolar patients that want to go to college. Just google bipolar + scholarships and you will find it.

Lewis Said:

Should i transfer schools or should i stay where i am?

We Answered:

I think you should maybe talk to someone you know that goes to or went to that school find out about it a little more. I think though the school down the street seems like a better choice for you. Think about taking tips from your parents and friends. Remember if you think that the school down the street is better for you and you think it will be better for you than go to that school.

Francisco Said:

In-state college tuition?

We Answered:

Don't worry, I won't tell you to get a loan. I don't live anywhere near you, so I can give you anything school specific, but I know that there are TONS of scholarships out there for out-of-state applicants. And they do exactly that: they pay the difference for you go to that school at an in-state price...they are mostly academic scholarships. If you can find them, and with your grades, you should have no trouble getting one of those scholarships. Hope it all works out!

Aaron Said:

Can you please criticize my CV?

We Answered:

Don't put in your date or place of birth. That will not help you get a job, and may in fact disqualify you for some reason.

Do you have any job or other experience that you can list. You are listing good personal traits that any employer or organization would want, but if you could say you volunteered at the hospital, worked at Burger King, or even cut grass for extra money, it would help.

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