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Scholarships For High School Students Graduating In 2012

April Said:

Teaching all over the world?

We Answered:

Quite a few countries want primary teachers and quite a few want anybody whose first language is English with teaching qualifications to teach English to adults, but check them out first. There was a story in the Southland Times about the poor working conditions for Kiwi teachers in China. Singapore and Brunei are OK. Check with their embassies for details. Japan has various private English language schools. For info check with the Japanese dept. at Massey University. There's also an English language school in Palmerston North with info about teaching in Japan but I've forgotten their name. There are heaps of jobs for English speaking teachers in the Gulf states, teaching expatriate kids, and the pay is excellent. I knew one of the teachers when I was living in Qatar many years ago. The countries are Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Oman. There are teaching jobs in Saudi too but it's a hell hole.

Suzanne Said:

Any advice for UC Davis Freshman class of 2012?

We Answered:

I will give you info. even though I haven't attended UC Davis, but my brother is currently attending, and I live 10 minutes away, so I basically "grew" up in Davis and its campus.
1.) My brother attended the STEP program, and said that it helped him out a lot. He met friends who he still has friendships now, and had a lot of fun doing it. You get acquainted more with the Aggie life, especially if you don't know much about Davis. The activities and the experiences helped him get more used to UC Davis.
2.) You're entering a highly regarded university (sure, not as much as Berkeley or L.A, but it's still a GREAT school.) The professors are there to help, so don't worry about having bad ones. Also, Psychology is a major that a lot of students choose to go with, so you can't go wrong there.
3.) The Aggies are awesome. Everyone there is there to succeed in life and do well. The students are nice, and tend to be more chill, since it IS Davis.
4.) I can't say much about the dorm situation and the double major, obviously because I don't attend. But try to find anything in their website.
6.) Although Davis is sometimes seen as not much of a party school, there's lots to do. Yeah, it's more chill, but you will definitely find some parties. You can also go to Sacramento in the weekends, since there's more going on over there.
7.) It could help working your first year. Since the city of Davis pays much attention to its students, there are a lot of part-time jobs around. The extra crash wouldn't hurt, and you can get more job experience (which I imagine you will need later on.)
8.) Davis is THE college town. I don't know about finding a sweater every block, but UC Davis is literally all of Davis. There's always something you'll find to do with your dorm friends in Davis and cities around Davis. There are a lot of student organizations, and events such as 'Picnic Day' (the largest student-ran event in the U.S), cultural awareness weeks in May I believe, the Whole Earth Festival, etc. I couldn't possibly tell you everything about Davis here, but you'll find it to be a peaceful and chill place to be in. If you have more questions, you can also go to or search more about it on here. I hope you have lots of fun in Davis!

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