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Scholarships For High School Students In Canada

Ricardo Said:

Are there any other websites that are like fastweb that allow students to recieve scholarships?

We Answered:

Go to the college web site that you are going to attend and look there also. apply from different businesses in your area and some of the bigger cities. google college scholarships also.

Rick Said:

Scholarships available in Canada?

We Answered:

If you have not asked what in the U.S.A. is called a "guidance counselor" at your high school (the title may be the same in Canada, I don't know), I recommend you talk with one about scholarship sources.

In the meantime, the well-respected Canadian magazine Maclean's has a scholarship search engine on one of it's Maclean's OnCampus web pages:…
You may wish to try that, if you haven't already.

The Maclean's OnCampus web pages may have additional information of use to you. Here's the link to that home page:
I see they have a scholarship contest as a link off of that page.

You may find some relevant scholarships from the U.S. based College Board web pages. The College Board is well-respected and does not sell the email addresses of those who register for services, which means you will not be receiving lots of spam. Here's the link to the Scholarship Search home page:…
I recommend you use not only the "Quick Search" option, but the more detailed questionnaire for scholarship matching. Click on the Start link within the text on the web page for that.

Also, ask a reference librarian at your local public library about resources the library may have for searching for scholarships. The library may have some good electronic resources or some printed (book resources.)

Also, like in the United States, some colleges/universities in Canada probably have scholarship funds available only to their students. If you have already identified some colleges/universities to which you wish to apply (or if you have already applied to some), then I recommend you talk (either via telephone or in-person) to a financial aid counselor at the colleges/universities that interest you and find out what may be possible regarding scholarships.

Since I'm in the USA, I'm not all that familiar with what is available in Canada. With luck, someone more familiar with scholarship information in Canada will reply to your question, too.

Best wishes

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