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School High School

David Said:

How would you say high school in Venezuelan Spanish?

We Answered:

school: colegio/ escuela
high school: escuela secundaria
college: universidad

Colegio is only used to talk about elementary or high school.…

Edgar Said:

Will going to a certain high school affect the colleges I can get into?

We Answered:

Well, i think it depends on what school you're planning going to and what courses you're planning to take. For example, if you go to Harvard Medical, then it's most possibly that they won't accept you for you probably don't have any experience on any medical fields. And if maybe you're going to an arts school then yes, absolutely. The same goes for jobs. :)

Thanks for your answer by the way.
And I hope I helped cause I know nothing about colleges. Lol

Vanessa Said:

How Much High School Education Should Be Required?

We Answered:

You can drop out at 17 years of age. I don't recommend it, but that's a choice. Required, well that would go against your civil rights. If they required you to go to school until you completed it, then some people would milk it for life. On the other hand if they required schooling under such law, what then stops them from making you serve in the military as well, and so on and so on....? An education does not guarantee success, but it does help. There are some examples of drop outs becoming millionaires/billionaires, but they are rare examples. For most an education is their best chance.

Peter Said:

How good do your high school grades need to be to get in to a 4 year collageuniversity?

We Answered:

It depends on the collage, some may take lower students, some may take only high excelling students, depends on the school.

Oscar Said:

Why should he HIgh school football team have a band and the middle football don't?

We Answered:

It would be great if the middle schools could have bands like that, but 99% of the musicians in middle school are unable to play their instrument well enough to inspire the football team or audience. But keep practicing and by the time your in high school you'll be in their football team's band.

Brent Said:

Advise for finishing high school with college credits earned?

We Answered:

Most local Junir community colleges offer classes to high school students. Sometimes you need clearance from your school admin, but you will definately need a parent or guardian to sign paperwork/admission stuff when you enroll.

In the schools I have been to, the classes are offered to all who want them, no limits. So you shouldnt have a problem-- just go to the local colleges' websites and check out their admission guidlines etc, and catalog, and apply-- enroll--register.

Oh and yes, I took English 1, Psych 1, Speech 1 all my junior year of high school. I reccomend it, because English 1A in college is just stupid, with stupid people. All the smart kids take English 1A in high school. Its your biggest pre req, and must be completed to enroll in almost anything.

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